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3:15 pm – Sorry to be posting so many times today, but this is important enough to rate its own post. Per a phone conversation I just had with Colin Jones of Cal-Trans, people should expect the road to be closed for at least a month. Current plans are to try to find a way to open it up first to a single lane, but again, that won’t happen for a month or more. If you scroll down to the second post below this one, there are many photos which explain why that is. What gave way is the cribbing, and that is the original cribbing from the original convict construction in the 30’s. This particular spot has been trying to let go for some time – it has nothing to do with the tsunami, recent storms (although they could have contributed), or many of the other rumors I have heard.

Also, Colin states this current closure includes both bicycles and pedestrians. It is simply closed to all. First, per all reports I have heard, the road is still moving, the NB land is cracked and unsafe. Second, Colin reminds us that if CT and/or CHP have to deal with any traffic of any sort, it will simply delay the opening even more. We, as the people most concerned about getting this open, should support every effort to do so as quickly as possible. Let’s let them work.

Once CT gets one lane open, possibly by digging into the hillside, then they will work on a permanent solution to the problem. Colin suspects there will be almost daily updates for a while, and I have put him in contact with the Monterey County Communications Center, so all of this information can be centralized for us.

Also, as many of my north coast neighbors will be using N-F Rd and Ft. Hunter-Liggett for the next month, let me remind you of some things, and inform you of others. Last year, the fort moved back the front, Jolon gate, and removed the guard from the back, Los Padres gate. Also, as traffic increases, traffic control will as well, and the post law enforcement officers have always been a bear about enforcing the speed limit and other traffic laws, such as cell phones. The bridge is in good shape, and should be used instead of the river crossing. Having gotten a speeding ticket once, a long long time ago, I can tell you it is literally a federal offense, and if you want to fight it, you might end up in Florida. I tried, as I was NOT speeding. The ticket never went on my record anywhere outside the fort, but my right to drive on the fort was suspended for one year.

At least one reader and one caller have asked for directions on taking the Nacimiento-Fergusson route. Anne Ashley sent me the google maps instructions, which I reviewed and they appear accurate. It is:

Going South from Big Sur Valley on Highway One:

Turn left at Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd
About 44 mins
go 24.2 mi
total 27.9 mi

Turn right to stay on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd (Ed. this is a kinda lopsided “Y” and you are turning onto the right arm of the y.)
About 2 mins
go 0.8 mi
total 28.7 mi

Turn right at Mission Rd
About 6 mins
go 2.9 mi
total 31.6 mi

Slight left to stay on Mission Rd
go 0.3 mi
total 31.9 mi

Continue onto Co Rd G14/Jolon Rd (as Suzi Perry notes below, turn left here for King City, and right for Paso Robles and points south. Both directions will put you onto 101)
About 31 mins
go 17.6 mi
total 49.5 mi

Turn right to merge onto US-101 S
About 1 min
go 0.7 mi
total 50.1 mi

Take the exit toward King City/Broadway
go 0.2 mi
total 50.4 mi

Merge onto Broadway St
go 0.2 mi
total 50.6 mi

Turn right at Broadway St/Co Rd G13
About 2 mins
go 0.9 mi
total 51.4 mi

Turn right at S 3rd St (Now, I’m not sure if this is specific to the Safeway, which is what it sounds like, but once you to to this point, you are good to go.)
go 95 ft
total 51.4 mi

Personally, I would prefer Morro Bay as a town trip.

So, remember, we are all guests and should behave as we would like our guests to behave.

13 thoughts on “Cal-Trans Road Update

  1. Second that motion. You have been so valuable! You never post too much!

  2. Thank You Kate! I am heading south tonight for 3 days to be at home grab some clothes and stuff for my son who is accompanying me, so here we go one step at a time I suppose. I wish there was a way to put a dirt road from old coast to rocky creek road, Oh well it is what it is, Gotta pay the bills.

  3. Michelle, what you suggest is almost, but not quite, possible. There is a private dirt road from the north that goes down into Rocky Creek — and then another private road that climbs the saddle below Division Knoll and connects with the Old Coast Road. However, those two private roads don’t cross the creek and join. That route roughly follows where the original pre-highway bridge once went. There’s a photo of that old bridge in Jeff Norman and the BSHS’s “Big Sur” book.

  4. I took Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd back from town today and came across a lot of traffic that was going was too fast. Like Kate suggested, slow down and be kind. A lot of folks,some unfamiliar with the area, including emergency traffic and equipment may be coming down or up and the road is tight.
    Thanks. Be Safe and Kind.

  5. Ditto! Your posts are invaluable to so many. My kids are on Nacimiento-Ferguson daily, as well as Hwy 1, and conditions change so fast. Often they cannot be reachecd over on Alms and you provide a life-line so to speak. Ever Grateful in Pismo!

  6. It is nice that the gates are no longer manned, and the personnel part of the fort is behind the fence. Still, you are right about the feds, and speeding would actually make you lose time. Besides H.L. is so damn beautiful in spring, might as well slow down and enjoy it.

  7. The only thing omitted from the road instructions is to turn left (north) on G14/Jolon Rd to go to King City, Salinas, Monterey areas or turn right (south) on G14/Jolon Rd to go to Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Cambria areas. Either way will take you to 101, just with a few extra miles (20-30?)in between.

  8. Kate……don’t even think you post too much. We are all out here reading your every word. We know that over the years of developing this site, you have the connects and you post accurate and informative information. You have the officials bringing you photos and information. They respect you and we all value the service you provide, your opinion, and your dedication to keep us well informed and connected. You TOTALLY RAWK!!!!!! Thank you!

  9. Ditto to all who assure you that your every post is valuable. While I’m not constrained immediately to drive through the affected area, I’ll be damned if I lose the entire spring. Conditions change so frequently at H-L that it’s invaluable to have updated info. Thank you once, twice thrice; & hope to see you somehow this spring. Here’s to alternatives!

  10. I have a friend who went over Nacimiento Rd to get back to the Monterey Peninsula and it took him 4 hours because of a slide on the N-F rd and a 45 min delay there. Rain said she came over the road yesterday, I wonder if she can tell us if the slide is cleared on N-F Rd. It would be helpful for others to know.
    Thank you Kate as always for your stellar work.

  11. Big Sur and South Coast Locals, and Town Folk, please dont send tourist over Naciemento Road, it would be much safer for us and for them if they were directed to Highway 46 Cambria to Paso Robles to reach 101. Thanks.

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