Spring Equinox Weather Photos from around Big Sur

Debbie Reed sent me one of the Big Sur River she took today.

Big Sur River, 3/20/11 by Debbie Reed

(couple more for you as soon as the internet goddess allows)
Okay, I give up. I had a couple more, but I have been trying to upload the one I took of Cone Peak covered in snow this afternoon, and the upload is beyond slow. Sometimes, it has gotten all the way to 77% uploaded and then stalled for 10-15 mins. I give up for now.

Cone Peak on the Spring Equinox

This is yesterday’s view, and as soon as the cloud goes away from the top of Cone Peak today, I’ll take another.

That is Prewitt Ridge in the foreground, and today, it is covered in snow!

Spring Equinox clouds by bigsurkate

Spring Equinox Sunset by Jeff Parrish

7 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Weather Photos from around Big Sur

  1. Beautiful and true. Thanks for the pictures, you and Debbie Reed. Sorry your computer’s being frustrating. I don’t know why the weather underground site got mentioned and linked twice. Looks like a random hit? In any event, Big Sur Kate is just my cup o tea.
    The sun came out (Hawks Perch). Groceries and Pub open, at least five cars in the parking lot, praying for the rian to end.

  2. Just goth through a wild hail shower this evening. The rip-roaring cold front is now shredding Southern Cali., you can see it on the radar. The cutoff cyclone is still stalled, spinning cold showery air, with some stronger t-cells with hail etc. Wednesday, we may see another blustery cold front.

  3. Around midnight we had an intense hail storm go through. Completely covered the ground. It’s 6:00am on Monday and I have another inch in the rain gauge. And the news is saying there is a tree down on NF which closed it overnight. Leaving the south entrance from Cambria the only way in and out of Big Sur.

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