bigsurkate is up and running again

Okay, wordpress decided to go into cardiac arrest or something in the middle of the rumors and facts of a new slide on the south coast. I was unable to post for over 3 or 4 hours – and went into withdrawals. How could I keep people posted? Phone calls increased, and if CBs were still in fashion, I would have used that. There are lots of ways to get the word out, but the phone and email seems to be the primary.

My current advice about the south end of highway one is that it is moving in several places. Willow Creek Maintenance Crew is doing their usual stellar job, for which they have our undying gratitude. However, they do not work after dark, so try to get through before then. Secondly, Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. is in great shape, but is not advised for travelers as it is quite dangerous and unforgiving.

Lastly, be aware, be informed, and be prepared. I carry in my Commander a sleeping bag, an emergency first aid kit I bought for the Amazon (away from pharmacies, except Mother Nature’s), water, a battery operated lantern, snacks, and miscellaneous articles I would want with me if I were stranded. I suggest you get your own kit ready for the duration.

I have an article I wrote today that I will put up later tonight or tomorrow.

Now, I will update road conditions, weather reports, and the like before I get dinner ready.

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  1. Thanks, Kate. A new e-mail arrived here from MCOE which was a forward of a NOAA report from Emergency Services warning of potential severe weather tonight and tomorrow. Lisa has forwarded that e-mail to you, along with an announcement about school starting at 10 tomorrow and ending at 3. That way, if it’s so bad that we need to cancel altogether, we’ll have time to contact parents. If it turns out to be a mellow day, then at least it won’t be a wasted school day. Better safe than sorry….We’ve already called and left messages with parents. As a precaution,please post the e-mail once you receive it. Thanks.

  2. We’re hanging with you Kate. If you’re not there we know there’s a very good reason, and it will be temporary. Thankss again for all the informative updates.

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