Hello everyone.  Avis here at Lucia. Been a crazy day today trying to get all the people trapped between the road closures to a safe place for the night.  And giving them a safe, dry place to hang out until we were sure they could not get through today. When I left work we had almost a full house and had made phone calls and arrangements for people to stay at different locations on the north coast. So thank you to everyone who worked with me today and helped to get these people to a safe location.

Officer Ben, thanks for stopping in to see us today. It was nice to see you and I hope you made it home safe and sound. Please leave a comment and let us know you’re okay.

I handed my camera to one of the bridge workers and asked if he had time to snap a few pics so everyone could see what the slide looks like. Below are those shots.

This first shot shows the roof of the loader working on the south side of the slide. This was the loader that got damaged. The windows were broken by rocks and the loader is out of commission for the moment but repairable. The operator is fine…thank goodness. He had a bloody nose and a cut on his forehead.

You can see how dangerous this is for the workers. Working on an active slide with large rocks falling. You can see the roof of the loader on the south side of slide.


Limekiln slide looking south
Working hard trying to open a lane

Thanks again to everyone who kept us informed on the situation. To all of the road warriors who worked so hard today in the wind, rain & falling rock. You are so brave and we appreciate you all. To all the other businesses I worked with on the phone today. And to the entire staff at Lucia. Everyone worked hard at making the stranded motorist feel safe, we fed them good food and offered warm safe rooms for them to stay at tonight.


  1. Thanks Avis, and Kate and Jack et al for these wonderful updates. Ten years ago or less it would have been xerox prints and carrier pigeons. amazing on the spot coverage, congrats.
    Power out and generators pumping for the past hour or so at Hawks Perch/River Inn. The River’s very full but it would take another eight or ten feet to sweep the parking lot banks. I hear from Joel at the Pub that Santa Cruz is in the dark, so whatever the lighting problems are it’s not local. Somewhat cheering. Rain’s been pretty steady here but not too cold. Martin was planning on leaving the PO by three but doubt he’s been able to get home unless he just missed the slide. HELLO! POWER RETURNED 5:47 PM, hope it holds, hoorah to hooever.
    Take care all.

  2. I’m sorry to learn there have been so many slides since this current storm. Santa Cruz has been also hit hard as well as the low lying areas of the Salinas valley. I can only remember twice in my 60 years that the Monterey Peninsula has been cut off like an island & from what i’m told that may well happen again this year. Here in Pacific Grove up on the hill below the Navy Language Inst. we have had high winds & hard rain, and a few pine trees that have fallen. I haven’t heard how Cachagua/Carmel Valley has done… any news from them yet?

  3. Just got an alert on my tv for a flash flood warning for the Big Sur River. It said flood stage is 10 ft, and it is rapidly approaching that high. Flash Flood!

  4. CV village soaked but fine/Yosemite cut off/Mariposa no power for days/Sierras shut down – no where to put the snow/multiple problems Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley/Capitola flooded/Salinas Valley flooded/everything a mess/good luck Big Sur/don’t forget Japan/middle East crazy – Syria might tumble/is it all a (can’t believe those Ch8 morons – still putting up ‘Rocky Point bridge’ graphics/bad dream?

  5. I’m curious as to why I need to re-subscribe every time I leave a comment (?)

  6. I hope everyone in the Sur is warm and dry and well-stocked with provisions. And if not, I know you’ll be helping each other. It is the way it’s done. What a great community!

  7. Thanks Avis for the updates on this news.

    We are two Belgian tourists stuck in the middle of the two road closures. We hope that the road re-opens soon. Unfortunately, we will miss our flight back to Brussels Friday morning but will already be happy to get to San Francisco.

    It is a nice coastal highway, one of the prettiest we have ever seen. But this trip is becoming a nightmare with a scenic view.

    We want to say thanks to all the workers out there on the road who are doing their very best to clean the road. Ans also thanks to the motels on the closed roads for their nice hospiltality and help. Thank you very much!

    Two Belgian Tourists, stuck in the middle

  8. Yes, 1998. I was “trapped” at Deetjens for 2 days during that other Big Sur is an island time. I rather enjoyed it, but I did have to get back to PG to my children. After the 2nd day, we were led over Nacimiento Rd by caravan, it was the only way to leave Big Sur. The creeks were all flooded, but somehow we made it thru to the Jolon Rd, and 101. It was an adventure I haven’t forgotten.
    Deetjens was most hospitable, even enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind being trapped again.

  9. Each spring, as I return to visit you and read your weather posts and take in the photos you post, I am forever reminded of how your mountains re-make themselves and the road crews sculpt what they can in response. Beauty sometimes requires grand efforts. 🙂 Thank you, Kate.

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