River is Up!

9:00 pm – The river is receding, and all is safe. Reports this evening is that the road through Ft. Hunter-Ligett and all bridges are in good shape and open. Today, bigsurkate saw its prior record for number of visitors, set on September 30, 2008 when the Chalk Fire broke out, broken.

I am exhausted and am turning in. I might not be back online until 9 am tomorrow. *IF* we are lucky, Avis, who gets up early and has 24 hour power at Lucia, will post something about conditions in the am for me until I can get online and catch up. In the mean time, be safe and take care of one another!! Oh, damn. The rain has picked up again. It doesn’t matter, I am falling asleep at the key board and can no longer spell or type properly. Nite all.

8:30 pm “I don’t know of you can post out quick but a large tree branch is down on the south bound land mile marker 46 on a blind corner. Fire in route but everyone is busy. Could cause a accident. Keep your eyes out everyone.”

I just received these from Rain at the State Park. These first three were taken at Andrew Molera. XT posted in the post immediately below that the river peaked at 10.36 feet as was receeding.

Rob Weller has some evening photos showing the river up to the office door at Riverside and also in the lower campground. Hope there is little or no damage anywhere.

fire road and crossing at Andrew Molera 3/24/11 br Rain Greenslate

fishing regs sign at AMSP main crossing, 3/24/11 by Rain Greenslate

3 thoughts on “River is Up!

  1. Great photos, thanks for posting. Sleep well Kate, you’ve earned it and then some!

  2. Kate, Just wanted to tell you… thank you SO much for your amazing reporting and up to the date reports…. You are a life saver… literally!! God bless and good night.

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