Miscellaneous Weather Photos in Big Sur

I’ve gotten a number of photos these past 10 days, and while I have tried to upload and post as many as possible, some have gotten lost in the shuffle of the various bulletins and emergencies, including this photo of the funnel cloud/water spout by Kristy Sullivan taken from near the Post Ranch:

Water Spout by Kristy Sullivan

And here is another by Dan Clark from the Coastlands

Funnel Cloud by Dan Clark

Next is one from Simon Eagar of the Carmel River mouth and parking lot along scenic drive:

Scenic Drive & Carmel River, 3/25/11, by Simon Eagar

And lastly, here is tonight’s view of Cone Peak by the usual suspect. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone’s photos. It has been quite a time these last 10 days, and while it isn’t over – we have some good weather headed our way. I would like to remind everyone that just because the rains stop doesn’t mean the sliding has. My experience is that when the soil dries out, it contracts, and then it moves – somewhere new.

Snow on Cone Peak, 3/25/11, by bigsurkate

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Weather Photos in Big Sur

  1. Cool Pic’s Kate..Thanks for posting..Flowers should be popping soon..Bet it is going to be Extra Beautiful this year..

  2. These are fantastic pictures. Thanks for everyone for everything you do. You do a great job Kate.:)

  3. The waterspout pictures are great, but i LOVE your pic of Cone Peak and the coast…so moody.

  4. Superb work, Kate. I heard about the tornado/water spout event and the pictures are stunning. Lastly, the snow covered and misted hillside is spectacular. As always, terrific job. Thanks for the warnings, and all the cheer generated in a spring en route, filled with dreams come true.

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