No restrictions on Southern portion of Highway One

Today, the overnight restrictions on Highway One at the previous Alder Creek slide area were lifted and traffic will be allowed through after 7 pm. MOTORISTS ARE ADVISED TO USE CAUTION AND PAY ATTENTION TO FALLING ROCKS AND MUD. This does NOT affect the closure at Rocky Creek, which is still predicted to open to one lane at the end of the month.

Here is Cal-Trans Update #23.

“(1) The former mudslide on Highway 1 at Alder Creek (PM 8) remains cleared sufficiently to allow for the road to fully open in both directions with no restrictions beginning this evening at 7 pm . However, MOTORISTS ARE ADVISED TO WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS. Another update will be provided as new information becomes available.

(2) Highway 1 at Rocky Creek (Post Mile 60.5) continues to be closed in both directions. However, pedestrians are being escorted in both directions through a half-mile section from one end of the slide to the other twice daily: AT 7 AM AND 4 PM PROMPTLY. Bicycles are allowed to be walked through the closure during these escorts. People are asked to park cars in the Bixby Creek/Old Coast Road turnout at the south end, and the Rocky Creek Bridge turnout at the north end.

• Horizontal nails are now being installed for this temporary fix. This site is an active construction zone and the slope remains unstable. Geologic instability continues to be a factor in roadwork progress.
• Community officials continue coordinating with Caltrans and CHP to provide limited helicopter shuttle service from Rocky Creek area to Little Sur River Bridge. Monterey-Salinas Transit is providing limited bus service from Rocky Creek into the Monterey Area; check with them for details.
• CHP is on site to secure the area and ensure public safety.
• It is anticipated that there may be a 5-ton restriction for all vehicles, once the northbound lane is re-opened to vehicle traffic. This is critical for all businesses to be aware of since it may preclude many motor homes, passenger buses and most delivery trucks from using this part of the highway. As work progresses, engineers will re-evaluate the 5-ton restriction.
• Completion time for providing limited vehicle access with traffic signal light control on the existing northbound lane is estimated to be the end of April.

One thought on “No restrictions on Southern portion of Highway One

  1. Hi,

    I’m visiting the area from England towards the end of the month. I’ll be heading north after spending a few days in Big Sur and have a question on the best route if Highway One is still closed.

    Is it best to use Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd as a detour or should I go all the way south to 46 to get across to the 101?

    Any advice really appreciated! Thanks Simon.

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