Alder Creek Slide Info, 4/27/11

10 am – Last night Sherry Tune, District Ranger of the Monterey District of the Los Padres National Forest confirmed that the Chinook was bringing in the equipment needed by helicopter to work the slide from the top. At 8 am, I heard the sound of the Chinook somewhere in the area – there is no mistaking that sound. Of course, as the slide is on USFS property, or at least begins there, then proceeds down to Cal-Trans’s road, and then into the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, overseen by NOAA, all of which is under the umbrella of the California Coastal Commission, a lot of governmental agencies must coordinate and be involved in this slide removal. Is it any wonder our government is dysfunctional?? Sorry, it is not personal, I like all the representatives of these agencies, but let me be clear about my position on this — this is absolutely friggin’ nuts. Want to know why it will take 4-6 weeks to clear this slide? Look at the coordination and scheduling involved when you have 5 levels of governmental agencies.

Okay, later today, I am expecting some photos of this portion of the slide removal operation, so come back this evening for an update.

3 thoughts on “Alder Creek Slide Info, 4/27/11

  1. how pitiful…. the bureaucrats are going to keep the road closed for a long time
    welcome to Big Government… and if they find a frog somewhere in the debris we will have to wait much much longer!!!! in the meantime all businesses in Big Sur will suffer…
    sad really sad…

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