Reader’s Photos

During the craziness of the road closures, a couple photos sent me by readers got lost in the shuffle. Today, I found them and post them here for your viewing pleasure, while we await the opening at Alder Creek.

From Ken Harlan, of Lucia Lodge – finding beauty in a road closure:

Stuck in the middle again by Ken Harlan

Here is one of our famous sunsets, also by Ken Harlan:

South Coast Sunset by Ken Harlan

Here is a photo of the other side of the Santa Lucias by Dan Danbom

Upper Carmel Valley by Dan Danbom

Thanks Ken and Dan for sharing with us.

6 thoughts on “Reader’s Photos

  1. Love the reflection of the “Road Closed 37 Miles.” There is beauty in highways and signage.

  2. stunning–UCV is my favorite transported-back-in-time “special place”– and that is SOME perspective!

  3. Oh wow! All three photos get my art inspiration revved up to mach 10! Quick!..where is my paintbrush and watercolor set!

  4. Didn’t Paula once write , that you have to close the highway in order to have an opening ceramony ???

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