Pitkin’s Curve & Rain Rocks Project Update

Pitkin's City by Rock Knocker

Ready to pour

Jumble of Cranes

Bridge and Rock Shed footings

In the background one can see the footings for the Coast’s first rock shed. Can’t wait to drive it.
Rebar repose

Under the Bridge

North End of Bridge

South End of Bridge

All photos by Rock Knocker, I just forgot the credits.

11 thoughts on “Pitkin’s Curve & Rain Rocks Project Update

  1. again,thank you for pics ,–? is Gorda Gas being sold to other than locals, who have no imcome

  2. Yikes! Working at Deetjens many moons ago some tearful Italians asked how they could get off “theesa crazy road” perhaps one day they will be able to take the Big Sur bypass.

  3. We were wondering what is with the purple rebar? Maybe ask Rock Knocker if you have a chance. Figure it is super strong. Thanks for the pics!

  4. Did Rock intentionally time the taking of the first photo just to revel in the cliché of a stream of Harleys motoring the coast road?

  5. The purple rebar has been coated with epoxy so it wouldn’t corrode. Slightly more expensive up front, but should greatly improve the service lift.

  6. Too bad the bridge will never be as inspiring as Bixby Creek, but having a bridge at all is a godsend. 🙂

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