Where in California is bigsurkate?

Okay, I admit … I occasionally get out of Dodge … even if Dodge is Paradise. I’ll be at the BSVFB Muster, but for a couple days (shush … don’t tell, but I’m having a birthday) I am exploring another area of the state … where am I? Here is clue number 1:


Here is number 2:

And here is another:
Original Bar from 1862

All reports about the Big, Big, Big Sur Fashion Show at the Henry Miller Library last night are that it was superb, spectacular, and lots of fun! Next year, I am really going to try and attend what has fast become an epic event. Tomorrow is the BSVFB Muster at the State Park, and I will be attending that on my way back home tomorrow. See you there!

13 thoughts on “Where in California is bigsurkate?

  1. I’d say you’ve gone to Heaven! LOL ~ Seriously however I have not a clue. Have a wonderful birthday & lots of fun.

  2. Happy birthday, escapee!
    Those clouds are spectacular, and all that beautiful waving landscape. I’d guess north, and inland, maybe east of Yosemite, the bar has, aside from a splendid ambiance, a kind of Grass Valley farmer/cowpoke look to the guys sidled up for a long cold one.
    I hope you didn’t just take a picture and run but had a huge BLT and fries. And chocolate cake.

  3. American River Canyon Overlook, Auburn? Grass Valley? Golden Gate Saloon?

  4. Happy , happy Kate!!! Like other of your friends, I’ve nary a good clue…. My best guess is above Folsom.
    Huge hugs.

  5. Happy happy birthday Kate! Glad you’re getting away. I don’t know where you are, but it looks beautiful. Hope you’re having a great time. You’ll have to let us know where you are. But thanks for the quiz! If you’ll be back tomorrow, you can’t be too far away.
    The overlook is looking down to which lake?
    Happy Birthday and thanks for all that you do for all of us!

  6. Not on the coast.
    Warmer and drier climate.
    Elevation, a lot of territory, a river, nice road.
    I don’t know, Gold Country I’ll guess?

  7. Happy Birthday Kate..My guess and its just off the top of my head is that U went to Calavaras County to see the frog jump. LOL I don’t know if its even time for the frog jump..Like I said..off the top of my head. Looks Beautiful..Have a Great time.. : )

  8. Maryann got it! We went to Sonora, Murphy’s, Jamestown, and the Frog Jump at Angel’s Camp (well, by it, we didn’t go in), and yes, it opened on May 19th, my birthday. You win. We’ll buy the drinks at River Inn, or other Big Sur establishment! You just let us know when!

    The river is the Stanislaus, and the “lake” is really the Tuttletown Recreation Area. The bar is the Willows Bar in Jamestown, built in 1862, and most of it still original, including all that is visible. I’ll post a few more, perhaps.

  9. Happy Birthday Kate. Looks like you have been enjoying yourself and it is good to get out of “DODGE’ every so often especially for an important celebration like your life. And welcome home today as well.

  10. Happy Birthday, Kate! Wherever you are, I would not mind being there! Beautiful photos as always! I want to reach up and touch those clouds in the top two!!!!

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