It’s Official. Alder Creek to open by Friday, 6/10/11

Just got the “official” word, although I had the scoop about the opening up yesterday here on my blog (see below), and I had it from very reliable sources, it is nice when it is official. I was confident this was not just another “rumor.” After 22 years down here, I know how to sort out the “rumors” – which may or may not be true, from the reliable information, which is not yet released through official sources. By the way the operative word is “BY” not “ON.”

Can’t tell you how happy I am. Rock Knocker and I, once we got the “unofficial” word, immediately planned a trip to Cambria for this Friday. Friday is our favorite day, anyway, as the Farmer’s Market is happening, and the weekend mood as settled into the town.

“Highway 1 at Alder Creek (Post Mile 7.5), 40 miles south of Big Sur, will
re-open by Friday, June 10, Caltrans officials announced today.

A devastating slide had closed the roadway completely in both directions to
all public, including motorized vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists since
April 14.

Caltrans wants to thank the affected communities for their patience and
especially wants to thank Windsor Construction for their efforts.”

Alder 6/3 by Cal-Trans

8 thoughts on “It’s Official. Alder Creek to open by Friday, 6/10/11

  1. Kate! What’s the official word? I can’t remember the scoop, clouded by uncertainty, is the road open this week, Friday? Congrats to one and all and have a fabulous Friday if true…

  2. Amen Amen Amen, this has me so happy, no more conversations with tourists, which are over 50 a day, about the road closure and “that detour they all want to go on” so now we can get back to the mundane question of “Where is Pfeiffer Beach” No more feeling sad for these tourists that arrive and are so tired yet stay optimistic when they have another 50 plus miles to go out of their way. Thank you CAL TRANS and thank you KATE. Let Summer begin!!!!

  3. Will both lanes be open? Or only one? The notice didn’t specify.

  4. Candles lit for The Hands ‘n Brains who did it.

    Ya Fcuking Ho

  5. leave early drive safe,-have visions of RV’s with signs that read (rent me,cruz America,El Monte RV rentals, etc)

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