The Working Crew – Alder Clean-up, up close & personal

Rock Knocker got some great shots of the various crews finishing up the clean -up in preparation for opening the road. I am writing an article for the Cambrian on this process for next week, and will post here when submitted.

In the meantime, I selected 25 out of the 350 he brought me, but not sure I will have the patience or time to get all of those up, and will probably have to load some, and come back and load more, so keep coming. I’ll be posting more photos all evening! They all had a BBQ today to celebrate the ending of the almost two months of hard work to get this puppy open. Even the Deputy Director Steve Price showed up!

I am sure I speak for the entire community – north and south – when I thank all you men and women of Cal-Trans, Winsor of Cambria, and AIS of Santa Maria who brought and operated the Spyders, and everyone else who helped to keep this safe while the others worked. Blessings to all.

Playin' in the Dirt by Rock Knocker

Haulin' Dirt by Rock Knocker

Fill 'er up by Rock Knocker

John Duffy, CT Geologist & Scaling Instructor by Rock Knocker

Charlie Hench, CT resident engineer taking well-deserved break by Rock Knocker

Chicken Wire Crew (slope drapery) by Rock Knocker

Seeing Road bed, by Rock Knocker

Tim Winsor, of Winsor Construction in Cambria by Rock Knocker

Discussing the work by Rock Knocker

Charlie Hench and Steve Price by Rock Knocker

Steve Price and John Duffy

5 thoughts on “The Working Crew – Alder Clean-up, up close & personal

  1. Yes indeedy, Kate. Undying thanks to the crews that straightened out the pitfall making northwest passage clear once more.
    We have missed everyone south of here and can’t wait to see one and all.

  2. Hats off to ALL those you mentioned, who worked with relentlessness, ingenuity, skill, coordinated effort, through storms, setbacks, and on and on and on! And they even got it ahead of schedule. They have earned the highest respect from ALL in the community.
    Thanks, Kate for the consistent front-line coverage.

  3. ZLooking forward to reading your story–will it get into the Tribune as well? I’ll send an email asking them to feature it. It is a story worthy exposure beyond Cambria!.

    Great to hear about and see the faces behind all the difficult work. It must have been gratifying for them to work on such a well-coodfinated team. They appeared *ahem* seasoned veterans who hopefully taught a few youngsters “how it’s done”.
    Just wonderful to see, and a spot of light in these dark days of gloomy headlines.

    Thank you Alder Creek Team, one and all.

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