Highway Fire – SLO Co.

6:15 pm – It is up to 150 acres and Highway 41 between Shandon and Creston has been shut down, due to the fire.

5:30 pm – This is on Highway 41 near Shandon. One engine reports the fire has hit the highway, another reports one structure threatened and access problems. Cal-Fire has thrown a lot of resources on this fire this afternoon, including a nice little airshow. There was another near San Marcos Rd. and Nacimiento Lake, but resources sent there have been diverted to the Highway Fire. I probably won’t provide continuous coverage unless it gets away from them, which is not sound like it is going to do, although another report I have is that there is some wind on this one.

For those who like the details, here are some: At scene AA 340, T74, T75, T76, 3461, 3465, 3468, 3477, 3482, E31, WT43, D3441, H527. En route 3469, 3470, ATA 7574 and 1 addtl tanker

This is on CDF Command 1, Tac 8

BTW, AA is air attack; T is tanker; E is engine; WT is water tender; H is Helicopter, and ATA I do not know. Those without letters are presumably engines. 😉

3 thoughts on “Highway Fire – SLO Co.

  1. Hardly seems possible after all that rain but here we are heating up. Thanks, Kate. Nothing visible in the air here. The sky’s been beautiful all the live-long day and the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye.

  2. It’s that time, two heavy rain seasons and the fuels are thick. I have spent time in the Sierra’s over the past couple of weeks and it is still green as winter above 5,000 ft. Below 3,000 it is dry and thick.

  3. Same for the mountains of Idaho, where we are now for the Summer. Heavy runoff from deep snowpack, green grass over 6′ high up around Cascade, but going brown down in the valley. Big lightning storm this week caused a fire near Horseshoe Bend. This La Nina weather could mean increased fire danger from lightning, judging by the extra active weather patterns across the nation. Big Sur certainly has a near record fire-load…watch out!

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