Living in Paradise – responsibility

Living here, in the paradise of Big Sur carries responsibilities. I have my share – and that does not include my full time job. We live here for many reasons, and we give back to the community, mostly, without either renumeration nor recognition, and that is as it should be. We live here because we are nurtured and because we are drawn to this place, and this place is drawn to us.

I’ve lived here a long time, and one thing I’ve noticed … everyone is willing to pitch in and help start, set up, get things rolling. When it is all done? Who is here to help clean up? For some people, that is their life’s work, but for others, that is the last thing on their mind.

Soon, we will become too busy to reflect on what it means to live here. The summer tourist season is upon us, the traffic causes us to pause, but even more importantly, the fire season is about to arrive. We all need to be aware, alive, and awake.

Please, pay attention, report what needs to be reported on the campfire realm, and watch out for one another. It is the time of awareness once again. Another fire was reported today on the other side of the Santa Lucias. It is just beginning, and we need to keep an eye out on our place in this world.

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  1. secret told are secret sold, as like common sence– which is not much taught anymore

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