6:45 pm – well, it started here! I love the smell of the rain. So, it has been 24 days since that Saturday downpour of almost 4 and 1/2 inches, thus this is quite welcome. I am just praying there is no lightning with this storm. Keep us all posted if you experience any lightning where you are!

4 pm – the Nexrad Radar has been down since 1 pm for maintenance, but NOAA says this in its weather report: “Tonight: A 50 percent chance of showers, mainly before 11pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 54. Calm wind becoming south around 5 mph.” Really? Rain?

A reader from Santa Cruz said it has been heavily raining since 2 pm, and Debbie from Big Sur Valley said the drizzles just started there. I am certainly watching more and more clouds move in!

As my friends Debbie Reed and Firefighter Mike point out – WTH? This is June 28th for pete’s sake! It is supposed to only get as far south as Santa Cruz, but snow is expected in the Sierras. Anyone who doesn’t believe our climate is changing – whether global warming or a very long cyclical pattern – is not paying attention.

This is TODAY:

A friend north of San Francisco said it started raining about 5 am, and has been pouring ever since.

11 thoughts on “WTH?

  1. Are we due for a storm? It’s finally been busy, big relief, gorgeous weather, and I’m definitely not watching forecasts these past few days. It was warm enough overnight to keep all the windows open wide and that’s a rarity. Pretty morning.

  2. Yea, left every window open and watered the garden before I came to work.
    WTF is my new phrase (I’m late in catching onto these things) because it’s just been an astounding weather year. For once I look forward to heading to the East Coast where it’s 90 degrees!

  3. Pouring in Santa Cruz since about 2pm. Plants are confused. Fog, they understand; wind, they endure. But — WTF? Extreme climate swings are just a fantasy, of course. Lemme see: in the nearly 14 yrs I’ve lived here, we’ve oscillated between El Nino & drought, achieved record highs, lows, fire proliferation, floods…True, that may all be a statistical anomaly played out in a short period of time. Or it may be evidence (projected by excellent scientists) of disruptive trends. Shall we simply assume that all will be well? or perhaps check out what we’re doing to provoke violent change? Stay dry & warm, all.

  4. Full on rain now, 6:35 p.m. in the Big Sur Valley. So much for the car wash and weed whacking…. Rose’s will like it 🙂

  5. I was living in a tent in Tahoe on June 25th, 1978 (I think I got the year right) and was treated to a freak snow storm. My ex-boyfriend had decided to come looking for me on his motorcycle…120 mile trip… and voila! Tahoe froze over 🙂 In that case, I wouldn’t call it ‘global warming’.

  6. It is sure showing on all the radars other than SF…Vandenberg and San Joaquin radars show a solid band of yellow-colored returns right over…guess where! Out in Nevada and Oregon, there are severe thunderstorm warnings. Check the dynamic-looking cyclone spinning off the coast on the satellite photo. It looks like some sort of hurricane!

  7. We got .42 inches of rain at Big Sur Station from the little storm that swept through.

  8. I remember waking up to a total, cover the top of the peak, 2 inch deep snowfall at Cone Peak Lookout in June – can’t remember the exact year, maybe 1989 or 90………. thought, wait, this is June! So it has happened before………

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