Partington Rock and Roll

From Magnus … He made this in Thursday, Jan 31st. I haven’t been able to view it yet, but others who have recommend it. 😉

I made a short slideshow/movie of the Rock’n’Roll yesterday.

Please watch in full screen and at highest res.

Partington Rock and Roll


12 thoughts on “Partington Rock and Roll

  1. Detonating the Partington slide to Ravel’s Bolero, love it! I’m glad the work has begun.

  2. Nice exploding big rock stuff out there! I’ll be honest, I wanted more shaboom, seemed modest. Are they going to do this dozens of times? All pretty amazing. Thanks Magnus and Kate.

  3. damn a W.T. Drone would of been more coast effective,..but then again “there” world has come to be a theater ,of paying folks to stand around,

  4. WOW, magnsus, that is great! Thanks for sharing it with us! I FINALLY got to,see it, and didn’t realize it was embedded in my blog, which is even cooler!

  5. Brings back memories of Grandpa Hettich’s 8mm movies of the slides and their clearing, back when he worked for CalTrans

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