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Well, I had quite the surprise this morning.

My routine is that when the sun comes over the hill, I get up, let the dogs out, and pee … In that order. On nice mornings, like this am, I leave the door open so any of the dogs that want to come back in, can.

After I pee, I get back in bed. Sometimes I go back to sleep, but mostly, I don’t. This morning, I heard a dog next to my bed, looked down to see which one it was, and was surprised to see a new face greeting me. Surprise, surprise …

This is the face that greeted me this morning:


She is very skinny and covered with tics. She is very sweet, comes up to me, whether I am standing or sitting, and immediately sits. I fed her two cups of dry food, which she scarfed. She would have eaten the whole bag, but I don’t want her barfing, so I’ll give her another two cups later this afternoon. We are working on the tics.

She is a border collie mix, possibly with terrier, as her coat is wiry, not silky like a BC. She has a collar, but no tags.She does not bark, and seems to come from a one dog household, as she snarls whenever one of my dogs gets near her. She has very long legs, but probably only weighs 20-25 lbs – not sure as I haven’t tried to pick her up. She is patient with the tic picking, so far, and doesn’t object, at all.

If anyone recognizes this dog, please call me at 831-818-8026. I am sure there is a heartbroken owner somewhere. She immediately took to me, so she seems to be well-loved – or just so grateful for a place and food out of the wild. Pass the word. I will post this to FB and Wild Big Sur, also, so it can be easily shared. Much as I am taken with this dog, and would easily add her to my pack, I am happy to reunite her with her owner.


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  1. Oh sweet rescued pup. Whether kept with Big Sur Kate or back with ones before BSK, so touching. Bless your heart. Like my rescued Rodin in the Blue Ridge, imagine what journey brought her to you, the long and winding path to your door, your bedside.

  2. I re-posted this on FB. She is a pretty little thing. I would love to have her to be with my dog, Sheila, a Border Collie/Aussie mix. But, if she growls at your other dogs, she would not like Sheila, much less my many cats. Hopefully the owner(s) will see your postings or someone will tell them. Good luck.

  3. Can you feel that? I am giving you the biggest hug from here. She is a smart girl to have found her way to you’re home. She looks sweet. I hope with your wonderful networking skills that she will be reunited with her family soon. Love!

  4. O my, BSK, looks like you have a new addition to your family–if she cannot be reunited with her other humans. Grace to you for your kindness and compassion.
    Strange that last night I was reading a book about “dogs” in California and here’s your post about a “lost dog found”.
    Please keep us in the loop about “her.” The story isn’t over yet even though she’s found you.

  5. I introduced her to first, Dakota, my alpha female for 1-2 hour, then changed Dakota for Gideon, my alpha male, who happens to be blind, for 1/2 hour, now we are staying in with both dogs. She doesn’t really growl, she kinda snarls. But at least with Dakota, she is wagging her tail when she gets near her. I checked her teeth, and she is young, guessing 1 or 1 and a 1/2 years old. She does have training, it would appear. She comes when called, sits on command (and otherwise), hasn’t peed in the house, yet. I think she will learn to get along with all my other dogs in a day or two. Don’t have a clue as to how she will be with cats, but she can’t be any worse than my others, and probably will be better. Will find out late afternoon when I let my cats in to be fed.

    Just imagine what she has been through to get to me – she survived days out in the wilderness, judging on how skinny she is, and the various stages of the ticks, tic bits, and minor scrapes she has. She has been inside with us since 7 am, now, and doing really well. Not a single bark, though, even when my others bark. She is about as sweet as they come. She will definitely be added to my pack (just what I need, right? A FIFTH DOG) if I can’t find her owner! I call her Missy, until I learn otherwise.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  6. That last shot looks like she is looking longingly for her family to come get her. Sounds like she would have a happy home with you, but there’s still nothing quite like being reunited with family. Keep us informed.

  7. I once had a couple of very nice dogs show up out of the blue like that and just move in. Took almost a week to find the owner. Turned out to be a woman a couple of ridges away. Said they disappeared one day when her husband and his buddies got drunk and started shooting their guns. Dogs often have a lot more sense than people.

  8. She’s a cutie, and fortunate to have found your nest! I’m sure someone is heartbroken to have lost her ; but she could have traveled from many directions….I think there are websites where you can post her photo as I remember looking throught them when we lost Tyra.

  9. Aww. She looks like Ms. Zoe, a pup who escapes to my home whenever her people leave her too long. Must be the season: here’s a link to an Italian story – Berlusconi found a cute girl (who is of age and has four-legs).–

    I’m hoping the spirits will send a homeless pup this direction sometime in the not-too-distant-future. We are missing our Nemo terribly much

  10. Going on Fb here, too. Check Craigslist, also. It seems most lost dog ads end up there. Wishing the best possible outcome for all of you. She may be chipped, too.

  11. God Bless you for being a doglover! There are tons of skin & bone dogs just left on the streets of San Antonio, Tx. and I adopted two and we had one. We just love them and need a bigger bed for us all!!

  12. Hey Kate, one of my FB friends reminded me that there was a lost dog ad on KSBY. After they told me I should contact someone in Big Sur, yeah, I neeeeever would have thought if that:). But, I did forget that I had seen that ad. Good luck, we want the follow up story.

  13. Discovered once that PreparationH makes ticks back out real fast. Then just grab them. Heads will be out. Ticks don’t like that mentholated feeling, and the thickness of the goop makes it hard for them to breathe. Was the fastest way we found to get out ticks on our dogs (and selves) after hiking in the woods.

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