Missy, the Mystery Dog, part 2

Trying to learn who she is, and I am learning she is the sweetest, smartest dog I have ever had find me. I will never know how she came to me. I wish I could read her mind better. She has become thoroughly, and completely attached. She needs to stay close to me, or watch me, constantly. I cannot go to the bathroom alone … reminds me of when my kids were little. It is only when I am safely in bed does she lay on her own bed, right near mine. I know she doesn’t talk, except through her eyes, and her behavior. She still is not barking or otherwise making any sounds. I wish I were a better dog whisperer.

I took her to the vet Wednesday. She did not want to get in the car, and then, when she did, with much help from me, she shook for the first 1/2 hour or more. After I got her in the car at home, she wanted out, so I was concerned about stopping anywhere, lest she try to escape. She never did. She found her spot on the passenger side back seat, and was comfortable. She got out easily at the Vet, and was not fearful there. She enjoyed the little girl who wanted to be friends, the staff, who fell in love with her, and the only procedure she objected to was having her temperature taken. We postponed any shots or other things until her next visit in a month.

She played a lot of ball catching with her last owner, per her canine teeth, the vet assistant said. She is not chipped. She is not spayed. Probably not de-barked, just trying to get her confidence about her place in the pack, per the vet. She is between 1 and 2 years old, and in good health, especially considering her travels.

She got back into the car at the vets with confidence, and happily. I wasn’t leaving her.

When we got home, I let her out with the others off leash for the first time. She couldn’t get any privacy to do her “business” so snipped at Gideon. Dakota, Bear, and Missy came in when asked, but I had to put Missy into the bathroom so that Miranda, my most skittish dog, would come in, which I did. Gideon could not be found, until later. Thursday, I let them all out together, and she did really well.

Missy was very insecure, as could be expected, But is adapting very fast. There is a fine line I must tread in making her feel welcome, and making my other dogs not feel displaced. But we made a lot of progress on Thursday. She is not snipping at the others, and is wanting to play with them. The others are not sure, after her initial snarling. We need to work out her place in our pack … Our family. But each day she settles in more and more, finds her place, and everyone becomes a little more comfortable than they were the day before. She and Dakota are deciding who will be number one in this pack. Gideon and the others have always bowed to Dakota’s decisions, so we are 1/2 way there.

I’ve received a few inquiries, but so far, all for males. I have become very attached, just in four days. However, if there is a heartbroken owner out there, I will relinquish her, sadly.

I stopped for lunch at a Chinese buffet. I got two fortune cookies. One said, “a great reward will come to you.” The second said, “do not stray from the path that fate has laid out for you.” I gave Missy the cookies, and decided she is both my fate and my reward. I am just glad a Great Dane or St. Bernard didn’t show up!



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  1. oh Kate, what a wonderful and sweet story. You are doing your best in finding the owner and if it is meant to be, you and Missy will be best buds forever! Once I was leaving to come down to Big Sur with my parents and I heard a LOUD kitty cat howl. Ended up being a darling Maine Coone cat who looked lost. I left food and water out and when I came back, this one was nowhere to be found. A week later, in bounded this cat, this time with a tattered collar too small for it’s neck. I did the same thing: vetted, cleaned, made this cat happy while I tried to find the owner. I got a call and it was an elderly woman who was crying and said this was her cat, I sadly bundled up Lucky (his name) and was about ready to leave to bring the cat back as we’d vetted this lady out and the lady was crying and said she could’t take the cat back, her daughter caregiving her didn’t want it. we used to get a LOT of cats dumped in that area of Capitola and so I learned this cat’s name was LaMont. He became OURS and was the best bud for years and years.

  2. The beautiful saga of Missy made me laugh and cry. What a cojoining of spirits you two are, and all the others , and all the working out positions. She’s wonderful.
    Many years ago in Brooklyn I found an old, blind, deaf Jack Russel terrier, middle of the street, hottest day of the year, howling and howling. She almost chewed me to bits but I got her home. She was frenzy, continued howling for days, nights. I found no owner and could give no solace that worked. Eventually, months later, I was told her owner had died, the landlord cleaned out the elderly woman’s apartment and threw the dog in the street. No family. I named her Lorna Doone, she lived another three years with me.
    I think you should stop looking for other Missy humans. If they’re somewhere they’ll find you, just like she did.

  3. Every time I see her and read what you’ve written… tears flow. Happy for you both, happy that she survived out in Ventana alone and found her way to you. You have the kindest heart ever… she must have sensed that from the rest of the pack. Even if she can’t tell you her story, you can make a bet she’s making happy memories being with you all now.

  4. Sheesh, holy cowgirl, I can’t imagine such a heartless human/ landlord. I posted on my FB and one of my friends commented on how smart Missy must be, found a home- not just with dogs, but a loving and generous human. Good luck Kate, Missy, and other dogs.

  5. Sounds like there’s a ‘story’ in regard to Missy and the last time she travelled in a car prior to finding you. Makes one wonder what’s become of her previous human. Playing a lot of catch implies time spent with human.
    Hope your pack and Missy continue to grow into each other. Thanks for keeping us updated. This is the best “news” I’ve heard in days. Seriously–Missy’s saga with you is lifting my spirits.
    namaste BSK

  6. She can’t tell you where she is from or how she got to you…but she is certainly telling you she needs you now. Lovely marbling of the simple and yet complex lost yet found elements in your unwinding of the tale.
    By the way, I have never heard of another dog named, as ours is, Gideon.
    His story is on my writepurpose blog.

  7. As I’ve had many of these very special dogs, I can tell you they are very polite. They will only ask to be let out in a very, very low woof. When you offer food from your hands they will ask you twice with their eyes if it’s okay first. And they do talk. My dog, Gus will shake his head once to say yes to a question if that’s the correct answer. Watch, listen, she will guide you, love you & obviously you are already madly in love with her!! This is a Win, Win… Maybe a title for a book… Enjoy the sweetness Kate.

  8. I’m keeping my eye on the local bulletin boards for lost dog flyers. None. Hugs to you and pets to the pups.

  9. Such a heart string-plucking story! For her to find you way up on the mtn! She maybe found your scent at the bottom or along your road and followed it. Animals know who is likely ot help them out of a jam. A friend’s dog once jumped out of his truck and 2 weeks later, had made it across town to my doorstep, having only been there once. But he knew me and my scent and VW bus from being at work with me and his ‘dad’. He knew I would help him get back home. Good old Sundance!
    Missy has the same looks as a friend’s Border Collie/McNAb cross. Mr Lou is very smart, intuitive, and people oriented. My friend gives him lots of ‘work’ as training and to keep him happy. She asks, will you (do such-and-such) and he does, then she praises him mightily. He on request will visit certain trees for potty stop, get her cell phone from the truck, pick up things and carry and deposit elsewhere, go to a destination and lay down quietly. So she being a herding dog might want to stay busy when she gets settled in. You might try some ‘chores’ for her, to see if she’s been trained beyond fetch. I wish you a long and happy life together, and the dogs a new and faithful friend!

  10. A book is in the making, I love hearing all about her, the pack, and your
    growing love for this angle come calling.

  11. I’m sure you have snow by now & hope you are staying warm. After looking at the 2nd photo that you posted of Missy I think she is pure Border Collie. She looks very much like the pups, Lisa & I got from JP back 7 or 8yrs. ago. That was Bosco & Ken & Lisa’s, Pepper. They were out of a dog of Betty W.’s. As Sue said above she may already know basic commands & more. You can try the down, stay, & heel to see if she has had some training? And if not, it will only take you a few times to teach her. Good Luck & am sooo glad she picked you!!

  12. I love part two! What a great story Kate. I was moved to tears. I’m so happy for Missy and the way she is trying to fit in and understand everything and everyone. I love that she is so watchful over you. They are a very smart breed. Perhaps if things work out that she stays with you…you can train her in some way , not sure what, but to alert in some way if you ever have a bad fall and can’t get up. Just a thought since she is so watchful over you. Love to the whole pack!

  13. I’m thinking maybe I could train her to be a seeing eye dog for Gideon. Could be hard, though!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  14. This love story has me falling in love with her as well. If we hold that there are no mistakes on our journey than she wants to be part of your beautiful tribe up on the mountain. It also says quite a bit about your first 4 dogs to allow her in with not many snaffu’s. I can feel all of your loving hearts beating all the way down here in the Valley. Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes and expansion to my heart. Hugs.

  15. As to being a guide for Gideon it would be pretty easy. You would just put a small bell on her collar or 2 dog tags that click when she walks & Gideon would follow. Gideon’s first line of defense is his/her nose, then ears anyway. It’s all doable. She looks a lot like Gail Chamber’s first Border Collie who was super smart & these dogs are used for many, many different useful support functions.
    As she found her way to you, she will find that useful purpose in time as well…
    Please stop by when you are coming south so we can exchange ideas & meet.
    Love from Cambria, J&S

  16. I love the Missy episodes unfolding, what a find for you both, she’s so spectacular. The business about training her to lead…I suspect it’s already being planned out dog to dog. It was interesting to read a system laid out by Judy which sounds smart. It made me remember my first border collie intro here, (they’re rare back east), and being told that they almost NEED a mission, that inside them burns intense longing for purpose and accomplishment. So I’m guessing it would take Missy about thirty seconds to figure out that she can help Gideon find his way and how to make it work once you lay out the details.

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