Living in the Wilderness … With dogs

I had to go to Salinas today … A long story for another day. On the way home, about 2 and 1/2 miles up Plaskett, my tire went flat. The county graded the first 1and 3/10ths miles Tuesday and Wednesday. That kicks up rocks. Probably where the flat came from.

I pulled out my handy, dandy air compressor, and spent about 1/2 an hour trying to pump it up. No dice. No cell signal. So I drove on the rim until I could get cell service, and called my one and only neighbor. Thank god he was home. His vehicle, which had been in the shop for three weeks, was working, and I reached him.

I said I would keep driving, carefully, and slowly, and he agreed to come get me. When we met on the road, I was ready. I had my big bag with my cell phone, my iPad, my charger, my purse, keys, and all that stuff ready, jumped out of my car into his, locking mine, and leaving it behind, a mile or two from my place.

I got home before dark, barely, met by exuberant dogs, who needed to pee and be fed. The peeing was easy. When I went to feed them, I found I didn’t have enough food, I had left the new bag in the car. Damn. I gave them what I had, got each a couple slices of bread, got out the cereal and crackers, and hoped this would hold them until I can get to my Jeep, hopefully tomorrow. If I can’t, I will be cooking up all the beef, rice, and veggies I have, and making my own dog food.

Life on the mountain is always interesting. And life with 5 dogs is even more so! Thank gawd for a wonderful neighbor!

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  1. Oh Kate, what a story. What memories for me from this, running out of ‘food’ that comes neatly in portions and cans. I’ve done the huge pots of rice thing, mixed in with soup, Wonder bread, anything in the cupboard worth a shot, crying out, Wait babies! Dinner’s coming soon! and then anxiously watched the noses heading for supper and getting such looks! Mom! What IS this. What did we do?
    Sounds like you’ll all be fine, except now the cats have eaten that exquisite tin of smoked baby oysters you saved for yourself for a rainy day.
    If I was closer and knew the way I’d come out and change your tire. Send directions if you need a hand when day dawns. xxoo

  2. Yes, thank goodness for neighbors!! And rice does work really well for the dogs.
    They aren’t picky as long as they have you. We had a similar experience last weekend on the way to our place. The first tire went flat at our gate. That was nice. Our air compressor was dead so off to find Boogie. Boogie came & fixed the front & while he was fixing that one the rear one went flat…grrr.. But he was game & fixed that one too. The road is really bad. There will be a lot more flat tires this summer. We ordered 2 more small portable air compressors & now will go buy 2 more tires as well. I just think we hate being bored!!!

  3. Okay, good, you were saved this time.
    Please look into getting a spare tire, keep it inflated, and have a friend show you how to jack up and change the wheel.
    (And, steer around sharp rocks.)
    Glad that you are safe.:)

  4. John & Anne here on Pfeiffer Ridge… We feel your pain and hope all is ok now. We have 3 kitties (had 5 but very sadly lost 2 this year), no dogs. We always maintain enough kitty and people food, water, supplies (TP) , kitty litter etc to make a 4-6 weeks isolation… largely because we have listened to your stories! (we’ve only been here 12 years and it will be a long time before we ever qualify as long timers but it is home to us and we love it!). Note: none of us would be eating well but we would survive! Thank you for everything.

  5. Glad you & the pups/cats are safe and fed so far. I wish the word ‘community’ was the same here in town, but it isn’t. I really do dislike living in town and each & every day wish I was back down there or out in Cachagua, but i’m not. Your small community could teach in town community a thing or two.

  6. Well, I do have a good, inflated spare, a two-ton jack, I do know how to use them both, and an air compressor, I always carry with me. I think, in this case, I need a new air compressor. This one has to be charged, apparently. The other problem is, there are only a few relatively flat spots on Plaskett where it would be safe to change a tire, and it was getting dark, fast. My first concern was to get home to my dogs, which I did.

    Now, I have help on the way, to take me back to my Jeep, pick up me and my two-ton jack, get the tire changed, and drive home – with dog food! Unfortunately, with this Jeep, still under warranty and with all-time four wheel drive, I can’t just replace the one tire, I have to replace ALL four! This will be the second time in two years!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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