Tassajara Fire & weather

As most of you know, the Tassajara Fire is pretty much over. Yesterday, it was 217 acres and 90% contained, the last 10% has been inaccessible.

We have a monsoonal flow coming in from the south. Slight chance of rain and lightning, but very slight, NWS says for our area. Any lightning anticipated here or over the Sierras is expected to be “Wet” not dry. Winds last night were strong enough to displace my sun umbrella. Guess I’ll fold it up and put it away for the day.

From my perspective up here this am, light, fluffy clouds to the north of me, and dark, almost ominous, skies to the south.

Oh, and I could not get any photos of the rock shed Saturday to post here. It was socked in with fog on the coast.

One thought on “Tassajara Fire & weather

  1. Glad for the fire extinguishing report, some friends out Tassajara
    way who’ve been nervous. Nobody wants to go through 2008 again.
    Bless us one and all. Thinking your ominous clouds are thunderstorms somebody predicted, CA coast seems to be getting some unexpected rain, helping in Idyllwild (where I went as a child, typecast as Helen of Troy at 14, Euripedes’ version) and it’s a beautiful place.

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