Arvin missing

Per Bob Cole at the Big Sur Station around 1:15: The search has been expanded from Pine Valley Camp/Falls area to Black Cone Trail. They’ve got personnel posted at a bunch of different campsites and they’re interviewing people.

12:15 Marin Co SAR to assist MoCo in search.

Those of you who know this sweet man, who waits tables at River Inn, he may need your good intentions for his safe return. He went on a backpacking trip alone, MAYBE to China Camp, Pine Ridge, to Sykes and was due back Thursday or Friday, but has not been seen, yet. He is a tall black man with a sweet smile. Search & Rescue has been out both yesterday and today. If you see him, or HAVE seen him in the last week, please contact Bob Cole at the State Park or MCSO.

Noon from Suzy Cowman Tennyson: “Just got off the phone w/ Deputy Jesse…. nothing yet. But he does report they have helicopters (don’t know how many, but he used the plural) out again today along with “lots of guys”….”

Keep good thoughts for his safe return home. It worked with Chief … Let’s make it work for Arvin. And Arvin, if I’ve embarrassed you, I’ll give you a great big hug and apologize next time I see you!

~ by bigsurkate on August 17, 2014.

10 Responses to “Arvin missing”

  1. Hope he is found soon…


  2. Let’s have them locate Arvin today with just a sprained ankle at the most.


  3. we’ll put the word out there! Best wishes guys! Lets find him too!


  4. How about search dogs? Sure hope hes o.k.


  5. Come Home Brother.


  6. One of my oldest and dearest friends. Thoughts and love for the SAR folks…


  7. SAR does a great job. They’ll find him!


  8. No chance that fire down there was was a signal fire, right? Arvin’s a really good dude, I hope he’s okay!


  9. No, it was on or close to private property.


  10. He might have taken the wrong trial from Pine Canyon and headed to Arroyo Seco, which has water. There a few trail Arvin could have taken from Pine Canyon. I hope he’s still OK There is the Boy Scout camp, Caves and Redwood camp on the way to Skyes.


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