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  1. With credit to the wonderful Photographer, Patrice Ward. Thank the entire SAR team for all they are doing to find this much geloved man!

  2. Little Bit of Update About Arvin: The following per a conversation with Arvin’s friend Jesse Noblett, who spoke with Deputy Jesse Villasenor a little while ago:

    Arvin was seen, healthy, as late as the 10th (which makes his number of known healthy days better!) in the Pine Valley area. I can’t say if it was near Jack’s Cabin, but I got that impression (conjecture on my part). As of last night, per Dep. Rodriguez, there were 50 or 60 personnel out there. Jesse N. said the operation “looked impressive” when he was there today. He says there are helicopters from: National Guard, Coast Guard, and a Blackhawk (is that army? I have no idea). They have covered a LOT of area. I can’t repeat what all trails, I didn’t have time to write it down. The encouraging part to me is there are a lot of people, and they’re making progress through the trails. Keep up the good thoughts everybody!

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention: while I don’t know about KSBW, I do know KION is covering again today, story to air at 5 & 6pm.

  4. Thx for posting here, Suzy. I tidied to copy Nd paste, and FB would t let me. I took a screenshot and tried to upload it, and WP wouldn’t let me. So glad you got thru!

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