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I am going to add a couple weather links to my blog to the right, under 2014-2015 El Niño, but before I do, I wanted to share them here, for those who want to try them out and/or bookmark them.

The first is a California weather blog that is really good by a Stanford graduate. For the first time in reading the current article, I understand (sorta) how they can predict the winds.

The California Weather Blog

And here is one to the California River Forecast Center, to keep appraised of the rising rivers in the State. Hopefully they will continue to rise after this upcoming heavy-duty storm, but not so much that they take out Bridges as happened in … 1995? With the Carmel River Bridge. I may have forgotten the year, but I will never forget the experience. I, some high schoolers, and a couple of chaperones could not get home.

Cslifornia River Forecast Center

Do you have a favorite weather link to share? Please do so in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Weather Links

  1. Thanks so much, Kate, for bringing us the California Weather Blog. It is right on! What he clearly describes in full detail totally matches everything I have calculated from my own analyses of the available data…particularly the water vapor satellite photos. The sat photos graphically show the huge atmospheric river aimed right through California (as well as the entire West Coast, from Mexico to Alaska. Driving this river like a gear and a conveyor belt is just about the biggest cyclonic vortex I’ve ever seen! Check the NWS satellite photo (water vapor) animation for the West Coast, click the 28km version to see the entire Pacific. You’ll see the counterclockwise rotation. It resembles a monster 33rpm record player (for us oldsters who remember them) with the center “eye” over Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, and the diameter of its rim reaching from the Siberia to Nevada, and from the Arctic Circle to Hawaii. Watching it tells volumes!
    It is definitely “NOT a fishin’ day” for Captain Lingcod!!!

  2. And so right on is the link brought to us by Douglas (see above -divkayaks). It couldn’t be clearer!

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