Waves over Highway One

Today, December 10, 2014, Piedras Blancas

See the NB guardrail on the right?

Imagine what it will be like tomorrow.

~ by bigsurkate on December 10, 2014.

9 Responses to “Waves over Highway One”

  1. Impressive! We’ve had some interesting storms up here, too. Fun!!!


  2. I think by Friday that just road may not be there. Hope you are stocked up and stay safe Kate up in your ridge top!


  3. where is this on hwy 1/ THANKS, Anne


  4. oh, have to post again to see comments. sorry!


  5. Anne, it is T Piedras Blancas. A lighthouse area north of San Simeon, south of Ragged Point



  6. wow. thanks!


  7. Check the tide chart before driving through there and don’t go through at high tide. Today high tide was at 11:30ish-11:45am. The road there wasn’t too bad today around 1:45-2pm. The tide had been outgoing for about 2 hours. The Cal Trans plow was just turning around to make another pass at scraping the last of the gravel off the highway.


  8. Good to know, Suzi. I drove thru the first time around 10:30-11, but the photos were taken around 1-1:30. I’d love to see what it’s like tomorrow, but I won’t be going. 😉



  9. Be safe out there. I am keeping an eye on all this from France. Take care, and Happy Holidays to All


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