Soberanes Fire, Day 8, 7/29/16 – Official Reports and Maps

8:00 am – Facts sheets below. We are now into the second page:


6:30 am – getting this post up, but nothing “official” yet. I am uploading the Dozer maps, as usual, to their own page. (Brain still fuzzy- probably too much sleep, almost 7 hours!)

Operations Map for 7/29/16: Boy, in studying this map, it seems one critical need today is to connect up the finished dozer line in Div M to the finished dozer line in Div J through Div K. It is a no brainier, or the fire can hook around from Div M.


11 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 8, 7/29/16 – Official Reports and Maps

  1. i am headed to a friend’s cabin in cachagua today. any updates on that area? should we be ok? is it bad to be breathing in the smoke?

  2. I don’t like that swelling in the south east corner. If that breaks free and heads west this could get even uglier.

  3. Dan, Unfortunately I’d say it already did. Breaking the lines at Skinner’s gave this thing a lot of room to run as much of the Ventana Wilderness is to broken, steep, and unstable to cut effective lines from the coast to CV.

  4. Can you provide a link to the ops map, I had it once but didn’t bookmark. Thanks

  5. Sorry, it was sent in an email and after I download the maps, I dump the emails, as I am getting hundreds a day, and no time to organize, sort, etc.

  6. Got word this morning from San Clemente Rancho that the fire is expected to hit the Rancho by next week if they can’t get in with the copters and bombers. Cal Fire’s original plan was to build a break on Long Ridge to protect CV, exposing SCR’s 100 secondary residents’ and 5 primary residents’ homes to the fire. Fortunately the Dormody brothers started to doze lines on San Clemente Ridge last week and have continued onto Ponciano, where it looks like the fire is now headed, between Black Rock and Pine Creek. Now that Cal Fire has realized that was a better plan, they can get some more help in there. Notice that completed lines have showed up on today’s maps for the dozed areas on San Clemente Ridge with more planned which would basically make SCR an “island”

  7. As I write this I see that the N. face of Serra Grade is lit up t about 1,500ft and moving west. Can`t see anything else. West Little Sur watershed?

    A line is being cut at the face of long ridge here above Old Coast Rd. Only to be backfired if the need arises. Don`t expect fire here for 2/3 days. Best to all.
    Bill Nye

  8. the AP states on july 30,that the opinion of the interagency fire fighters conference is that this fire will eventually consume 170,000 acres g

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