Soberanes Fire, Day 9, 7/30/16 – Maps & IR Log

Posted by a new writer for my blog, Lucas Ryan, who is handling all maps, and anything map related. Maps were taking up so much of my time. Thanks for coming on board – lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.

To ZOOM in on a desktop computer – hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +)

Operations Map (zoom in to see Dozer lines – they did not release individual Dozer maps today)

Ops Map

Public Information Map

Public Information Map


Infrared Topo (less topo detail than previous maps)

IR topo 7-30-16

Infrared with Satelite Image

IR with Image

Infrared Log


7:30 am – from John Chesnut:

North End SaturdaySouth End Saturday

Google Earth with Dozer line overlay, fire activity, and fire perimeter.  Red lines are completed Dozer lines.  Green lines are proposed Dozer lines. See comment section for a link to the Google Earth KMZ Dozer file. Read more about the satellite heat detection here: xasauan today

Dozer thick (1) 7-30-16


A zoomed in view. Red lines are completed Dozer lines.  Green lines are proposed Dozer lines.

Dozer thick (2)

Note (see most recent Maps & IR Log post for an updated link):

Adam Clark has provided a link for people to use if they don’t have Google Earth.  You can find it here: Mapping Support (Black lines are completed Dozer lines and Blue lines are proposed Dozer lines)

Progression GIF animation courtesy of Dirk Reynolds



19 thoughts on “Soberanes Fire, Day 9, 7/30/16 – Maps & IR Log

  1. Kate, do you know why the White Rock Club area is colored yellow on map above?

  2. Looks like they’re strengthening the fire breaks just north of Big Sur. Is there a link to a high-res version of the Operations Map available?

  3. Regine, White Rock Club is west of the yellow BLM land shown on the map. Helen G.

  4. I really appreciate these maps that show where the fire was 24 hours ago. Gives a good sense of what and where things are going, and what I am probably seeing from Clear Ridge.
    Thank you. Please keep these coming as they are what I look for.
    Thank you,
    John Mearns

  5. On one of the maps above, there are blue rectangles with WX in them. From a community meeting at Carmel Middle School, I learned these are portable weather stations to assist firefighting. How can we, the public, access the readings of these stations record?

  6. How can one get ahold of the printable daily version of the soberanes Cal Fire Dozer map?????

  7. Great map, thanks. I don’t know what’s up with Google Maps, but right now the label for Pfeiffer–Big Sur State Park shows up in the vicinity of Lost Valley!

  8. Thank you, Adam. I’ve included the link. Please let me know if you’d like me to update it.

  9. Kate and Luke, Thank you for all that you are doing for the community. For the technical side of the fire status updates, support of the fire fighters, but especially for standing up for those who lost personal property and possessions in this fire.


  10. Jim, I also have Mike Morales on board. He is an admin and babysits when I need to be away, monitoring comments, approving them, answering questions, etc. He also does the photography and images. He has been my firefighter source since the beginning of this blog, and is probably the only person in this world, besides me (who has read every single post I have ever written) when I knew nada about terms, technique or all of it. He is retired fire capt from Cal Fire. Lucas just came on board this morning, although he has been in the background helping me with the maps for a week. I was SO relieved to turn that over to him, and he is marvelous and was up-to-speed on the platform in a couple of practices last night, and has been running ever since. I oversee and do everything else. It is quite different for me to have a “staff” so-to-speak, but I am glad I finally got smart.

  11. I am so grateful for this site, and for what you are doing. Even though I grew up here, I wasn’t able to orient where things are, and the location of the fire, until I saw your maps.

    The maps are brilliant. I’m so thrilled to have found this site last night.

    So appreciative of your work. Thank you so very much.

    S. Rebecca Ebert

  12. Most interesting maps I’ve seen anywhere, however these maps including Cal Fire posted fire maps are too small. Glasses, magnifying glasses or making the image larger don’t make it possible to read most
    locations on any maps.
    Would it be possible that someone could rectify this? With the Sand Fire blazing right now as well, their maps are readable, ditto for the recent Sherpa and Pine Fires. What gives? –Absentee landowner with property in the vicinity of the Soberanes Fire.

  13. Ray, if you are concerned, call the number listed on the first Info post. I am having no problems reading most, but not all, of the maps on an iPad Pro, of course, I have the advantage of having lived here for 32 years, so know the area pretty well. As an absentee landlord, it be hooves you to make friends with your neighbors so you can call them for information. We have had no complaints about our maps from anyone else, so perhaps it is on your end. One thing you can do, is get a map you CAN read, then use one of mine to compare to so you can see where the fire is or has been in relation to your property. Good luck.

  14. Thanks Kate, I have no neighbors where I live but know the area well–we’ve both been in the region about the same amount of time.
    My problem is I can’t read the maps even when I enlarge them. Subsequently someone contacted me and hooked me up with a better link to unpublished maps. Luckily the fire is still many miles away. I’ve been a party to other fires, where the maps have been better. Thanks for your help. Ray

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