Interactive Soberanes Fire Map

This is best of breed interactive mapping from the folks at MappingSupport.Com.
Kate is resting for another full day of fire blogging tomorrow but wanted to make this map available to her readers. I believe the blue line is an educated guess at the larger fire potential.


The map below was submitted to the blog by a Hot Shot crew member. This is for viewing purposes as much of the information has been disseminated and distributed throughout the day.


3 thoughts on “Interactive Soberanes Fire Map

  1. Please don’t make much of the blue line. That is a government worst case scenario. That is if everything goes wrong from now until rain. I have lived here for 29 years and seen many fires. The evacuation orders for Cachagua are based on preparation for the back fire not immediate danger from the actual fire. The sheriff likes to keep a tight lid on things here since we are simple rednecks with no high end retail businesses. Stay home and talk to you neighbors.

  2. Thank you all who are teamed up with Kate to give her some rest. These maps while not official kinda help us as community, understand the direct impacts of this future growth. As a community of Big Sur I think this is the biggest piece of information missing. Kate your blog is helping us understand better who will be affected and therefore who too care for, and where this fire is going. Love the locals report section of the blog. Cheers.

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