5 thoughts on “Evacuation Orders and Warnings – Cachagua and Tassajara

  1. Tassajara included in this order. The monks stayed and defended the Zen Center during the Basin Fire in 2008. The battle put up by the five monks who stayed was a pretty heroic effort.

  2. The recount of the monks experience was told in the book, Fire Monks. I don’t remember the author’s name but it was well written. I highly recommend it. It actually relieved some stress I had about wildfire.

  3. My co=admin, Mike MOrales consulted on that book as retired Fire Capt. It is great! He knows the author and is giving her a heads up.


  4. Is the Middle School Evacuation Center now open? I thought it closed Friday.

  5. it re-opened because there were new Evacs. But tomorrow the evac center moves down the street to All-Saints Church because school starts back up.

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