9 thoughts on “Road Closures History

  1. Thanks for including that, the pics are great. Lots of memories go with them and all the times of crossing the slides in their various stages of repair and disrepair!

  2. BSK, can you ever see a time that the county may consider some points on hwy 1 for a toll zone?

  3. Thanks, I sometimes get those agencies mixed up, TAMC seems to be the one for these projects.

    …Weather related delays also affecting Holman Highway roundabout construction, I read they are running 2 months and more on completion.

  4. Ipad not so easy to read on, but, this document history on Hwy 1 w/ pics is a treasure trove of info- thanks for sharing it.

  5. I use an iPad for everything – but it is an iPad Pro, which has a much larger screen. I also have a detachable keyboard. I love it.


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