Atmospheric River, 2/7/17

This does not look good… do not expect any problem areas: slides, slip outs, flooding, to get fixed this week. And for whatever consolation it can provide, we are not alone. Much of Central and Northern California is getting hammered with flooding, road closures, school closures, and other forms of weather-related problems.


3 thoughts on “Atmospheric River, 2/7/17

  1. Hello All, just a heads up that next Thursday thru Sunday 2/16-2/19 is going to be our next series of strong pineapple express storms and i am extremely concerned where this pattern is going. If the teleconnections globally move in the direction the models are seeing, in particular the strong negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation (AO) and North Atlantic, then the jet stream will continue to direct a “fire hose” with a bullseye on the central coast. Moreover, if the oceanic atmospheric coupling stays intact for atmospheric rivers events and the AO stays negative a “major” flood is in the cards for beginning of March similar to 1995 when the bridge at the odello fields vanished! Theres still alot of Winter left folks and the grand finale appears to be nearing!!
    Cheers to a “real” winter finally, paul h

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