5 thoughts on “2/8/17 Afternoon Cal Trans update – New Photo

  1. Hi Kate, thank you for all your updates. I live on Partington but am in town with a friend. Is it definitely closed to locals. Trying to get home for my kitty. Have not been able to tell if the Nepenthe and Deetjen’s closure are impassable. Thank you for time and work. Jill

  2. Dave Smiley commented that he got thru this am, after being turned away last night, and having dinner and spending the night at Fernwood. Turned it into an sweet distraction. Other than that, I have not heard.

  3. CHP let me through after I explained I lived on Partington around 2 pm this afternoon. Cautioned me to drive carefully and wait for Cal Trans workers to wave me through the clean up site

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