18 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide Photos

  1. BSK, Amazing photos…This looks like a month or more of repairs to do on this one.

  2. Nah, a lot longer than that – the whole mountain is moving and there is another atmospheric river coming next Thursday. Also an area near by is getting ready to break loose – The Big Slide, aka Blue Slide.


  3. Then- the team working these slides need the services of an army to keep up with demand.

  4. Thanks for those photos Kate. Don’t think I’ll try to wing it and see if I can get back to Willow that way! Taking the long way around on Saturday assuming I can go north from Buck Creek.

  5. How’re the businesses around Big Sur faring? Would it be better to stay out of the way at this point or swing down for lunch/dinner to help a few out?

  6. Nepenthe and north could use the business. Lunch is always good, but watch for future closures. While you might THINK you want to get stuck, you probably really don’t.


  7. paul’s slide just keeps on sliding. what a mess! but again, thank you kate for keeping us informed. you’re resources are exceptional. thanks for your time and efforts as this mess keeps unfolding.

  8. Thanks for the pictures!

    Any thoughts on whether this would be passable by bicycle in the middle of April? I really don’t want to have to take 101 between Salinas and SLO.

  9. If I had to guess, and that’s all I would be doing, I’d say no. You see the photos, what is your best guess? April? Don’t plan on it. I am planning on going around in MAY!!

  10. I understand the road not being passable by car by April. Those photos make me think I could make it by with my bike as it is now, so hopefully it doesn’t get worse by April. I’m talking about carrying my bike and bags around it. 🙂

    Long way to ride back if I’m wrong though, haha.

  11. Best to check back toward the end of March, wouldn’t you think? The problem is we are expecting to be hit with an atmospheric river starting next week and lasting through the end of the month, so in all liklihood, it WILL get worse before it gets better. I could be wrong. As I said, it is only a guess.

  12. Oh, I’m going to be watching Highway 1 like a hawk all the way up to and during my trip. I’m riding from Florence, OR to San Diego starting on April 2nd.

    I’m mildly convinced I ended the CA drought because this was the only time I could take five weeks off and I scheduled the trip five months ago. 🙂

  13. There will be some earth left to the east side, pretty sure.
    Might be a steep climb, though.

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