From MoCo:

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This is an important message to residents that have been isolated due to the closure of Pfieffer Canyon Bridge. If you need your vehicle for travel outside the affected area, you must move cars to the Pineridge Trails parking lot. State parks has opened the gate there. Time is of the essence. There will be a hard closure of the bridge at 5 PM today. Vehicles are being escorted over the bridge until the hard closure.

From the Big Sur Station:

The Big Sur Station (in coordination with California State Parks & the USFS) has opened the parking lot at the Pine Ridge Trailhead for local residents who are walking across the closed bridge.

We are providing passes during normal operation hours (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

The parking pass states:

Parking area only. Pine Ridge Trail is still closed. Leave this pass in your dash (if no pass is displayed you will be ticketed). Make sure to keep the gate closed upon entering and exiting. Do not leave valuables in your car. Thank you.

Questions can be referred to bigsurstation@gmail.com

Thank you!!! What a crazy year!

Tim Bills
Coordinator, Big Sur Station
Los Padres Forest Association

5 thoughts on “URGENT! RE BRIDGE

  1. Leave your pass on your dash what if your parked up by the road do you still need a pass?? If you don’t have a pass you’ll give us a ticket, shit how about a break state parks aren’t we going through enough? yet all you think about is revenue. Too much sometimes

  2. Just wanted to clarify: state parks is not focused on giving tickets in this situation. The pass is just a way to identify that you are indeed a local. They are trying to provide a service to locals and want to ensure that tourists don’t accidentally wander in and take a local’s spot. From my understanding, no one parked on the highway will be ticketed as long as they are parked safely (not over the white line).

    Also, a reminder that state parks has brought in almost no revenue since last summer, and instead has focused on ensuring public safety and preserving the fragile environment by keeping the parks closed. For example, they hosted fire camps in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and Andrew Molera State Park, rather than keeping them open and revenue-generating.

    Let’s keep working together and toward solutions so we can all get through this as a community!

  3. Hey Everyone and just another heads up that late today will be the beginning of a possible three week run of wet weather and the storm intensity could really ramp up toward the end of February. What looks to be happening is the active belt of thunderstorms along the equatorial or inter tropical convergance zone (MJO oscillation) is now propagating eastward from the west pacific/maratime area and around late Feb/early March will be acting up right below Hawaii where these atmospheric river storms have found a very comfortable path during this winter This will fuel the moisture feed even deeper into the tropics with very high pwats or rain rates. Moreover El Nino is now forming quickly and should anchor the jet stream in a south west trajectory supportive of a positive “Pacific North America Pattern”. Presently, it looks very similar to 1995 (big floods in March that year) teleconnection and ocean atmospheric coupling wise and i would not be at all surprised to see much wetter storms toward the end of month similar to the January storms earlier in the year. This Winter could get much crazier very soon and do not put your guard down after this next week of rain!! Nevertheless, “Major” landslide(s) similar to the 1983 humongous slide is definately a possibility soon as soils have reached super saturation!! Im hoping that nothing that big slides!!
    Cheers to El Nino taking control now, paul h

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