15 thoughts on “Hard Closure of Nacimiento, Wed 2/15 @5 pm

  1. Thanks Kate, have county officials & OES made any inspections on all our regional dams & reservoirs, closest to us is the Los Padres Dam – any status?

    Oroville Dam and its problems has me spooked…

  2. I just drove that yesterday but I sure wouldn’t do it in the rain. The closure is justified during rain based on what I saw. There is one section of NF where the asphalt is falling off and the hillside below is tarped. Not looking good for getting a tractor over. And after seeing Paul’s Slide, I’m not even sure it’s a Plan B. I’d take my chances on the bridge.

  3. I have been going out the east side of the summit to 101 and that part of Nacimiento is good. Haven’t seen the part they are worried about for a couple of weeks, but last time I did, it wasn’t looking good.

  4. RE the Los Padres dam: Two of us went up there this morning. Water is evenly going over the spillway, perhaps 3 ft deep across. Cal Am worker was there coaxing debris over the spillway in measured amounts. There IS a hole in the spillway near the top, which has been there for a year or more, and water is gushing out of it in a plume about 4 ft tall. During the drought the hole was seeping water on an otherwise dry spillway.

    This could be a problem, and I would urge anyone in the area to ask CalAm about it, or call our representative to ask about an inspection. So far it is small, but must grow with further usage.

    Best wishes, all; stay safe,

    from Page in Prince’s Camp

  5. I hope you were joking re: Willow to S.Coast Ridge Rd! I don’t know anyone who’s gone that route this winter. Not only would you need 4WD but also a chain saw, there’d probably be trees down. Would be best to stay home!

  6. Thanks Page, another reservoir in major trouble is Lexington in LG, it’s @ 99%, but, it has been tagged as seismically unsafe, levels need to be down under 70 to be deemed “safe”, but, it take 4-7 weeks to lower the level through its spillway to achieve those results. Crazy.

  7. I would NOT recommend South Coast Ridge Rd to anyone but locals. I was joking. It is rough, it is only for 4×4 and serious chain saw work. I agre with Little Philly – stay home. Unless you have an emergency, then contact 911.

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