Road Closures

There are 105 – count ’em – 105! Traffic hazard incidents listed on CHP log. I haven’t gone through them yet, been fighting with my internet and haven’t even had coffee yet this am. But the following are personal reports from our area:

Just got a report of downed trees and power lines about 1/4 mile north of Captain Cooper School. No estimated time of opening.

Also, Laureles Grade is closed and Fire is turning people around.

It is howling like a mofo up here, 70 mph plus gusts. Just stay home today, okay?

Of course, this is in addition to all the closures of Highway One.

My Internet is in and out today.  I’ll update once it’s stable.

~ by bigsurkate on February 17, 2017.

8 Responses to “Road Closures”

  1. Stay safe Kate! Thank you for the intel of fallen trees and power lines near Captain Cooper. This is actually good news as PG&E can get there and repair the lines. Our power went out over an hour ago.

    We also heard from Dakota that there are down trees & slides between Torre Canyon and Coast Gallery.



  2. thanks, kate, each of your updates are like a bell ringing and good news, or other news, each message is of great value in it’s own way….thank you!


  3. Plenty of trees down…..

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  4. 5th District Community Bulletin Board has some possible hazard scenarios happening….


  5. We’ve had reports of many traffic accidents down here as well. Power off in several communities. The wind is the main & most dangerous problem down here. Stay safe up there Kate.


  6. Hwy 1 closed just north of Captain Cooper as of 2 pm. PG&E on scene, but “might be closed for up to 6 hours” (according to the gworker standidng by the Road Closed sign) to clear the road of at least one pole and one tree.


  7. See for my description of a tree down on highway at PV School today. Next for Cambria, has a couple of posts about downed trees. One’s just a block from my home. The Cambria CERT Facebook page has a shot of mud flow running down Sheffield street, a block over from Main Street, at the west end of town.


  8. Has anyone heard fro Jamersburg, and the condition of the Tassajara Road to the Hot Springs. I have friends there, and am concerned/curious.


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