11 thoughts on “Animation of Friday’s expected storm from 12 AM to 9 PM

  1. Apparently this condition is called a Bombogenesis – “a mid-latitude cyclone that drops in surface barometric pressure by 24 or more millibars in a 24-hour period” (CBS San Francisco)

  2. El Nino 2009, I think it was, neighbor clocked 100 mph gusts on Clear Ridge, so still a ways to go when it comes to wind. Slides however are topping it for my time in Big Sur.

    That year, Gina was coming to work in Big Sur from Carmel … in her van. When approaching hurricane point she taught she needed some ballast in her car to cross Hurricane point … decided to get some manageable rocks in her car for that and then … a gust came … pushed her to the ground, rock and all … with finger under the rock … crushing it!

    Only one little story of many, I am sure.

    On Tassajara road right now. Had a piece of corrugated 2 x 4, which was anchored with bricks under the house, take through the air for a good 300 feet.

    And … unlike this past fire time, it’s not Raining Men! Just raining and raining and …

    A few more days …

  3. Lowest pressure I have seen in a long time this morning. In Carmel Valley 910-920 mb. This means high surf which was seen yesterday, high winds and big storm approaching. The drought is over!

  4. Just emptied the rain gauge of 3.5″ @ 2000′ on Willow, allowing the next bit of rain to fill it up. I suspect it’s more than 3.5″ (since yesterday). How does rain get in the gauge when the rain is sideways and flying across the top of the gauge!!

  5. Not sure if the water table has come up enough to call the drought over, if that is what determines the end of the drought. Not versed scientifically, only wondering what is happening below us.

    Nice and calm right now here on upper Tassajara Road.

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