Rancho Rico Formal Statement, 2/18/17

Dear Big Sur Community,

Most of the residents of Rancho Rico are staying on Rancho Rico during the storms and the road closures. We wanted to reach out to our community and let you know the status of our own roads. Currently our main road into Rancho Rico is severely compromised. Half of the width of the road in a couple of areas has gone down the canyon and we can see visible cracks similar to what people are seeing throughout big sur.

That being said, because of the magnitude of the damage to the bridge and the uncertainties of a long-term solution, we are actively in communication with our neighbors, John K. and the Pfeiffer Point Road Board, CPOA, Big Sur Fire Brigade as well as county officials, to explore ways in which we might facilitate locals needing emergency exit.  We will let you know if we are able to make headway with this because we’re aware a lot of our friends, family, and neighbors have pressing needs to get out to and from their homes and businesses.

Currently we have coordinated with Martha Karstens for emergency evacuation by foot in the event of a life or death situation.

If you would like to communicate to the Rancho Rico Management Board please contact us through Carissa at: carissa@chappellet.com

2 thoughts on “Rancho Rico Formal Statement, 2/18/17

  1. Ohhhhhh , so very sorry that Rancho Rico , John K , Pfeiffer Point Water/Road Co, and Sycamore Cyn Rd , are put in such a difficult decision, and position, with respect to private property rights being so severely damaged by California Coastal Commission past actions .

    I can only think of what Walter T would do ,,, dynamite the bridge into rubble , and bulldoze a road right on top of it all .

    Good Luck everybody

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