“…many miles of this major highway could be closed for up to a year .”

Click link below for full article from The Guardian:

Big Sur ravaged by floods, mudslides and storms: ‘Paradise can turn on you’

“When rocks stop falling, state workers can begin cleanup of the coastal highway – but authorities said many miles of this major highway could be closed for up to a year while the damaged bridge is restored or replaced.”

~ by lucasryancv on February 21, 2017.

8 Responses to ““…many miles of this major highway could be closed for up to a year .””

  1. Yeah, I actually got onto my own blog this afternoon. Thanks Lucasryancv for all your help during this difficult time.

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  2. They are going to restore a failing Box girder brige, please, someone passme the 420..LOL


  3. I wonder when we will have no news at all…


  4. Even in Spring after most repairs, is Big Sur essentially cut in two at the Bridge until fixed


  5. CalTrans may be able to erect a one lane cross-over, with traffic signals, while the new bridge is being constructed.

    A new bridge can easily consume a years construction labor.


  6. Could this continue to keep Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park closed for our 28th annual campout in September, 2017??? Should we make other plans? Please keep me updated


  7. I cannot predict what will happen in September. I believe they may have planned on keeping the state park closed for a year, but so much has gone on, I am not certain. I would call them, if you can.

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  8. I think we have plan B. Is there anything we can do for you? Phone calls, ? Or? Prayers to you and your beautiful community. ♡♡♡


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