Old Coast Road Photos

By Zosia Considine at about 1.5-ish miles from Bixby




~ by bigsurkate on February 22, 2017.

9 Responses to “Old Coast Road Photos”

  1. So, Old Coast Road is now Old Coast River? What creek/river was it originally called?


  2. Suzi, no, that’s a joke. The road has turned into a river. I believe it is the river that runs out Bixby …



  3. Yes, Kate I got the joke, however I’m sure the residents there aren’t laughing. Looks like a detour situation…. Does Bixby Bridge cross Bixby Creek and is that Bixby Creek on OCR, whatever the R in OCR now stands for…?


  4. They are the ones who “renamed” it, actually. Sometimes you have to joke about things to keep sane. You know, Suzi, I think it is Bixby, but I can’t look it up to be sure, as my Internet is very slow and “iffy” now that I’ve lost my satellite.



  5. Yes it’s Bixby Creek, unless it lies beyond the point where Bixby departs the road, in which case it would be Sierra Creek.


  6. 1.5 mi upstream places this along SIerra. The old closure was at MP 2.0, and likely represents the same reach along the Sierra tributary.
    I updated my map with these latest closures. http://u.osmfr.org/m/122609/


  7. Thanks, John. You did note that as of this am, Palo Colorado Canyon is closed at the highway.



  8. Jon, that map is so helpful. Really nice job. Thanks for doing that.


  9. Kate, how can we get some staples down to you guys…food, wood, propane and most importantly love?


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