Unemployment Relief

From the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce:

This will help expedite your unemployment relief.
After going back and forth with EDD this is going to be the best approach for Big Sur unemployed residents to go through the process. By taking the approach below it will expedite the process, yet will still take 2-3 weeks. Can you send this out to the Big Sur business community?

For claims with the EDD (Economic Development Department), there is a little bit of information EDD requires in order to process your claim. Here is the list of things needed from each individual filling out a claim:
Phone Number
Social Security Number
Last Day of Work
Why you are no longer working?
Additionally, it is important that you indicate that you live in Monterey County and that Governor Brown has declared a State of Emergency for your county. The quickest way for you to submit a claim would be to either call the Employment Development Department at (800) 300-5616 or email and forward Jasper Hall, Field Representative in Senator Bill Monning’s office. His email is jasper.hall@sen.ca.gov.

Please give me a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Toby Uptain-Villa
Field Representative, Senator William W. Monning
99 Pacific Street, Suite 575F
Monterey, CA 93940
P: (831) 657-6315 | F: (831) 657-6320

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