Notes from the CPOA meeting, 2/23/17

Below are some quick notes from tonight’s two-hour Coast Property Owners Association meeting. I may have left out some important stuff. Please feel free to add any additional info in the comment section. The agenda can be found here.

Update: Official CPOA minutes will be posted on the CPOA website when the draft has been finalized.

Butch started the meeting. He thanked everyone for their help and for participating in the meeting. He also thanked Big Sur Kate – Kate Novoa.

Martha Karstens (Big Sur Fire Brigade) & CPOA:

-All areas are currently covered by Fire. They’re looking into more landing pads for helicopters.

-CHP is letting locals and workers through the roadblock if they have proof of residence or a note with their names and address of where they are going.

-There was a hike today to scout out trail locations on park land. It was not encouraging, but providing trail access is really important!

-A PG&E truck and Blaze Engineering possibly made it around the bridge on private property, but the road was really bad. Possibly on the Chappallet Ranch?

-Tomorrow there will be nine vans that will attempt to navigate from the South to Esalen with supplies. They will go over Paul’s one at a time. Caltrans will stop the convoy if the road shows any signs of stress. The vans will take fifty or so people out from Esalen. More to be evacuated by helicoptor.

-Safeway Carmel will be taking orders and bringing them to the airport to resupply those who are South of the bridge. People should stock up for two weeks. CPOA has the Safeway order forms. Monterey OES will deliver(?). They’re hiring a helicopter company from Paso Robles. Next Friday will be the first day the helicopters can fly.

-Kirk may bring in food from the South to the Deli for people to buy.

-Power was restored to South Pfeiffer.

Senator Monning:

-National Guard will get involved with resupply if Monterey has no other options – Monterey County will need to push for it. National Guard is currently avaliable for medical evacuations.

-Regarding unemployment insurance, people need to sign up online if they’ve been out of work for one week or more. It takes two weeks to process a claim.

-A new trail would be treacherous and steep. John Laird may get involved because it’s on parks land. They’ll explore all options.

-FEMA will provide relief based on the amount of damage there is. Providing your repair estimates will help show FEMA the amount of damage in the area. Contact CPOA with any questions.

Community Foundation:

-The Community Foundation raised almost one million dollars from donations for their special purpose fund. Relief, Recover, Rebuild!

Congressman Panetta:

-Working with FEMA. Most of the damage occurs when there is a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th storm.

-There are “competing emergencies” throughout the region.

-He flew over the area in a helicopter on Wednesday with Sheriff Bernal. He’ll convey the extent of the damage to FEMA.

-He has a 10 am conference call with agencies tomorrow morning. They will stay on track!


-Bixby Bridge is on bedrock. Any slide below the bridge is “surface soil” only.

-Hurricane Point, they are constantly keeping one lane open.

-The Fernwood slide is manageable.

-Four weeks design time for Pfeiffer Creek bridge. A rebuilding schedule may be available in three weeks time. Plans for realigning the highway are ongoing with the Bridge plans.

-Cow Cliffs keeps filling the road with rocks. They are dynamiting the big rocks. Dynamic slide situation.

-Paul’s Slide, the cribbing wall has fallen out and the remaining lane is only eleven feet wide. No heavy vehicles allowed. Nine vans will try to cross tomorrow to get food in and to get people out of Esalen. If the road at Paul’s slide goes, then there is no way in or out.

-Mud Creek has three active slides. One recently moved two feet. Lots of action at Mud Creek. Hopefully, the road is clear for tomorrow. It’s like groundhog day, they clear a culvert one day and it fills in again overnight. Bear Chute has lots of groundwater.

-Nacimiento-Fergusson road will be closed by the County during storms because of the slant of the road. Cars can slide off the edge when there is mud on the road.

Cheryl Goetz (Mid-Coast Fire Brigade):

-CPOA has been a huge help.

-Palo Colorado road was compromised. They’re using quads to traverse the road.

-Power could take a couple days.

-Brian patch and Norm are repairing the road to make it passable for residents, for PG&E and for Public Works to access the area.

-Three homes were damaged by the floods. One is beyond repair.

-Old Coast Road is impassable and compromised at Bill Nye’s.

-Water systems in Palo are out. The whole area is dynamic. Everything is constantly changing.


-Most kids South of the bridge are home schooled or staying with friends in town. The trail will be beneficial to get kids to school.


-Over $900,000 donated. 500 emails, 400 phone calls, 100 site visits. They’re saving money for water systems and road repairs after the storms. Most people chose to rebuild after the wet season so any new infrastructure is not damaged by the flooding. They’ll try to make a little bit go a long way. Some people may need to consider paying out of pocket for repairs. Thank you, everyone!

Update on the status of the fund:
a. Soberanes Fire Relief Fund Total Raised $901,954.14
b. Total Distributed $748,470.63
c. Total Remaining $150,636.51
c.i. Water Fund $28,707
c.ii. Septic Fund $15,271
c.iii. Road Fund $68,173
c.iv. General Fire Fund $38,485
d. Soberanes Children’s Fund – Raised $24,000 and fully distributed

In closing by Senator Monning:

-Provide factual updates. Ask specific questions. We will persevere!

6 thoughts on “Notes from the CPOA meeting, 2/23/17

  1. Excellent update. Do you know of any local ham operators who are participating in emergency communications? Any need for drone fly over survellience and reconnaisance imaging? We are available.

  2. Thank You for All you Do! Where would be the Best Place to Donate Funds for Locals who are Out of Work? The Big Sur Gnomes at GNOPE Productions want to Donate 30% of Magical Gnome Hat Sales to give to community folks who need Cash. Gnomaste ~~

  3. CPOA, Coast Property Owners Association is the best local group of locals helping locals. I have a link (actually two) on my sidebar, but if you can’t see it, try *(I think)or google it. They have a website. They are great and will make sure those funds go to those that need it.

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