Northern Highway Report

From Rick Aldinger:

Diana, Basil and I had a conference call with Lance Gorman and Susana Cruz regarding the status of the highway north of PCB. Lance and his engineers identified 4 locations of concern:

PPM 51.04
Highway shoulder just north of Andrew Molera campground road gate. Not a high priority at this time. Bank is sliding just off the highway shoulder, but roadbed seems fine.

PPM 54.4
North end of lighthouse flat. Roadbed is undermined under the southbound lane due to plugged culvert last week. High priority for highway to be opened to the public.

PPM 56.8
Large slide between Little Sur and Hurricane Point. High priority for highway to be opened to the public.

PPM 57.6
Guardrail and edge of highway shoulder starting to slide. Something to keep an eye on.

Cal Trans plans to have contracts signed today, and contractors on site by tomorrow. They will focus on ppm 54.5 and 56.8, and will be able to work concurrently on both. At 54.4, material needs to be replaced under the southbound lane and compacted, and then resurface. At 56.8, Cal Trans will consult with the contractor to determine if the remaining slide material is stable enough to simply let it come down on its own, and clean the road, or if they need to employ equipment to pull it down and haul it away.

Hopefully, by the end of this week, a better estimate can be made for the opening of the highway. In the meantime, either Lance or Susana will reach out to me with any updates.

Stay tuned.

Rick Aldinger
General Manager
Big Sur River Inn

3 thoughts on “Northern Highway Report

  1. Thank you for your meeting and this clearly stated update! Much appreciated.

  2. from chp traffic web site this afternoon:

    Incident: 00037 Type:
    CLOSURE of a Road Location: Sr1 / Palo Colorado Rd Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 36.399348 -121.904601
    Detail Information

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