Vehicles Parked North of PCB need to be moved

Good afternoon Stan and Kate,

Can you please help me get the word out to the public, vehicles currently parked in the large turn-out just north of Pfeiffer Cyn. Bridge will have to be moved BY MONDAY, MARCH 6, in anticipation of equipment and material mobilization. I understand the owners of many of these vehicle may be south of the bridge. If that is the case, we will tow them to the large “secure” parking lot at the MAF ON TUESDAY, MARCH 7.

I’ll also include this in tomorrow’s update.

Thanks so much in advance for your help in this regard. ☺

Susana Z. Cruz nature-flower-blue-motif[1]
Caltrans District 5
Acting Manager
Public Information Office

2 thoughts on “Vehicles Parked North of PCB need to be moved

  1. Why do you ask? You have a vehicle parked there? If you don’t know, dopaminefiend, you don’t need to know. MAF=Multi Agency Facility

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