Foot Trail thru State Park

From CPOA:

As announced in our email of March 3rd, a foot trail is being constructed around the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge that will enable locals to hike between the northern and southern closure of the bridge. This project is estimated to take about 5 weeks.

However, when possible, people may be allowed to hike the trail during certain periods of construction. These openings will be evaluated on a daily basis and announcements will be issued by the unified command in the evenings and made public.

Following is an update from the unified command.

“It has been determined by John Hiles, State Parks lead for construction of emergency trail, that it is not safe for pedestrians to be on the trail. The trail is a construction area and will be closed today, 3/10/17, to the public. This will be re-evaluated daily and communicated via the joint command. The crew is making great progress and we have 10 more community volunteers assisting the effort this morning.”

6 thoughts on “Foot Trail thru State Park

  1. Is there any news on the Naciamento-Fergusson road access to Hwy 1? Official or otherwise? Anyone?

  2. Kate: You are doing a great job!! The community thanks you. What is your policy on photos? I sent in a photo to a Sunset Mag. contest, and then discovered it was no longer mine. Assuming that is not your policy, I could send you some pix I am sending to family and friends. If I could figure out how to do it.

    Would be nice if Caltrans would tell people how long it will be for sedans to be able to drive from Carmel to the Bridge, and then where to park them.

    Thanks again for all your highly skilled professional contribution to all of us. Best, Bill


  3. I am getting gun shy about publishing any information one way or another about this or any other places in Big Sur. I see this as part of the problem, along with social media. I sometimes will send private emails with my thoughts.


  4. Bill, my policy is that I credit the photographer on my blog, and he or she retains all rights, HOWEVER, I am often contacted by other media for permission to use a photograph, which I typically grant, AS LONG AS they credit both my blog and the photographer, which usually happens, but not always. People have been known to download photos from my blog for their own use, or other unknown purposes. I cannot control that.

  5. Kate, pls do not get discouraged!! You are doing an INCREDIBLE job of communicating to the world about your special place on this planet! Please keep communicating! Looking forward to photos/videos of the bridge demolition on Monday. Incredible photos of the cranes!! Nepenthe is heaven!!! May it survive!!!

  6. To Wild Turkey Roost re Nac-Ferg Rd: The Colorado contractors completed their portion of the job and hauled out all their equipment on Friday. The road is passable probably until the next rains bring trees down and slides. It takes about 1.25 hours from Hwy 1 thru Hunter Liggett to Jolon Rd. A slow beautiful road in good weather. It probably still has the signs for Locals Only or Road Closed.

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