Photos – Crane at Pfeiffer

And this beauty just posted by Kyle Evans. Crane is almost assembled.


Photos by Heather Foster. The first one is from yesterday, Thursday, the second is from early this am. Thank you, Heather.


From Cal Trans through KSBW:

Piece by piece, crews put together a 250 ton crane that will be used to knock down the collapsed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur.

“The crane consisted of eleven loads coming from various parts of the state and it’s essentially being put together here on site,” said David Galarza with Caltrans. “It’s quite a task. They’re using a crane to put a crane together.”
After everything is assembled crews will attach a 6000 pound wrecking ball to the crane and use it to bring down the bridge.
“He’ll take it to a certain distance above the bridge deck and essentially drop it on there,” said Galarza. “Do that repeatedly and it will cause the bridge to fail. The key with that is making sure that the bridge fails in the location that we want it to.”

8 thoughts on “Photos – Crane at Pfeiffer

  1. Does anyone know of any pictures of the old wooden bridge prior to the current cement bridge?

  2. As a matter-of-fact, Rock Knocker was sent photos of all the old wooden bridges. He will go through his stuff to see if he can find them. If one has ever saw his organizational system (NOT) one would know this may take a while.

  3. Reblogged this on carmelhomesblog and commented:
    So sad to see the “broken” bridge and realize it has to be removed in order to replace. Projections for time to complete the new bridge is currently estimated at one year.

  4. Ahhh. It is a really timely photo…; the helicopter, the erect crane, the bridge- it tells the story very nicely.

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