Pfeiffer Bridge is Down



~ by bigsurkate on March 18, 2017.

11 Responses to “Pfeiffer Bridge is Down”

  1. Who took the photos? Kyle?


  2. Lois, these are Cal Trans photos. Kyle Evans and Michael Troutman were on the other side and both got photos.


  3. Pretty impressive.


  4. Kate,

    I gather the power line will remain in the same place once the new bridge is up and running.


  5. Kate,

    Next Q: When will the blueprints of the new bridge design be released/leaked? Folks want to know..I’m ready to see those 3D specs.. : )


  6. There was ash falling this morning in Carmel around 11 AM as I drove by Carmel Valley Rd and Hwy 1. Does anyone know if there was a fire somewhere?


  7. I didn’t see any indication of fire from my mountain perch, and have heard of none. From the bridge collapse, perhaps??



  8. I heard next week Carmel Highlands area fire personnel was planning to rid some spots of thick brush, control burns..


  9. Wow! So how’re they going to get those big chunks out of the canyon?


  10. Do you know what time the bridge came down?


  11. It was about 1;45pm, but not entirely sure.


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