Big Sur Fashion Show – May 19th at the Barnyard

Is Big Sur closed!? No…! Really? Where is it closed? Totally closed?
For how long? That can’t be? Will we have a Fashion Show?
What about the Henry Miller Library, will you be able to stay afloat?
Well…read on.

The wires have indeed been heating up with questions and speculations (some wilder than the backcountry itself!) and at the time of writing some answers to pressing questions are coming in! Please see lower down in this message.

For the purpsoe of this e-mail let’s start with one thing that we do know:
Our glorious and excellent host of the Fashion Show last year, The River Inn, will be unable to host us again this year due to much repair work. But…
Dear Dedicated Followers of Fashion! FEAR NOT!
We are excited to announce that “the show will go on!” After all, the very reason the show was created in the first place (Basin Fire!) was to bring a joyous uplifting celebration through our creative powers despite the challenges around us! We now have a challenge:

The Phoenix Rises – Here is the Big Sur Fashion Show!

The Barnyard at Rio Rd and Hwy 1, will host the Fashion Show this year!

The Barnyard will serve as the gateway between Big Sur and the Peninsula, strengthening the bonds between our communities and helping us to bridge the gap! We trust that all of you reading this will join us in thanking the Barnyard for the support they’ve granted us!
Good neighbors indeed!
We will have an amazing show for all of you on Friday, MAY 19th.
Mark your calendars for the new date!
We are also updating our fundraising focus so that net proceeds this year are split between two beneficiaries, the newly created Big Sur Relief Fund and The Henry Miller Library. We will be posting more details on this and announcing ticket sales very soon!


Now entering its ninth year, the Big Sur Fashion Show 2017 theme is
“In Your Dreams”
Please consider joining us this year with a personal or business sponsorship?

Your sponsorship is not only an opportunity to generate focused attention for your business to an ever-growing, devoted fan base, but directly supports, in a one-of-a-kind-way, an event that beautifully delivers a grassroots arts program to all ages, serves as a leadership development platform for community members, and supports a vibrant, joyful arts community in Big Sur and the Monterey Peninsula. (You will also get some great perks with your sponsorship!)
Below some of our sponsors from previous years – ADD YOURS TO THIS GROUP! THANKS!


The Big Sur Fashion Show is saved (!) = one down!

But what about the Library itself stuck on the south side of the Bridge!?

We are working on ways to cope and will let you know as soon as we know.
At the moment we are scrambling to get our bearings and to engage in the
immediate concerns of the neighborhood. Please stay tuned!

Henry Miller Memorial Library | 48603 Highway 1 | Big Sur, CA 93920 |

4 thoughts on “Big Sur Fashion Show – May 19th at the Barnyard

  1. How do we find out more about the fashion show. Maybe I can gather a group from Cambria to come up

  2. Got a flash … and it was not in a Deli Pan …

    …. a tight rope show over the Ex-Pfeiffer-Bridge gap.

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