Big Sur Deli Fire??

From Kurt tonight:

“Hi Kate just got back from trail work , I volunteered today and at lunch time they told me there was a fire at the deli I checked it out and a pan left unintended caught on fire. It was in a 8 by 10 metal building and it did blacked the interior pretty good but no real damage thankfully- the cooks need to pay attention. I’ll check out the produce thing because we do need someone who can deliver- thanks Kurt”

Jeff Mallory just brought this to my attention. I know nothing else, but would certainly like any additional information available. Thank goodness there is a water tender on the south side of the bridge, and the fire house. I hope and pray for Kurt this is a minor incident or better yet, an error.
Incident: 00106
Type: Report of Fire
Location: Sr1 / Big Sur Deli
Loc Desc: SR1 AT BIG SUR DELI, MM 45.30
Lat/Lon: <>36.238431 -121.772007
Detail Information
Unit Information
10:35 AM1Unit Assigned

5 thoughts on “Big Sur Deli Fire??

  1. Likewise, Kate, hope all is well, Thank you, for the continued updates as Big Sur will alwsy’s be my real home. All are following the updates.


  2. Big Sur, the Deli did not need this. Let’s hope it wasn’t major.


  3. Just had lunch there and the Deli is fine. A minor grease fire that will impact taquitos production, as I understand.

  4. Had another fun dinner at the Taphouse last night with a group of friends – food was delicious, Deli is fine, and there is great company as always! We love our deli boys. After dinner there was basketball with a boom box. All is well.

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