Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My new mode of being, includes giving myself permission to take Sundays off from this blog that took over my life on July 22, 2016, or July 5, 2008, if one goes back far enough.  So, I go back and find a few previously published photos of mine, with a theme, if possible, and post them for my Lazy Sunday Afternoon offering. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


~ by bigsurkate on March 26, 2017.

11 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Way Cool !!!


  2. Kate
    You have been a life saver for me helping keep up with what is going on along the coast. Have kids that live there and this has helped me to understand what is really happening. Thanks for all you do!! Clarence


  3. Kate,

    LAT: Big Sur …….”What happens next?”….

    Somehow these sources find different photos from important spots in Big Sur..


  4. I’m just an intermittent visitor to Big Sur, so my involvement is vicarious. But I must say, you epitomize my impression of the Big Sur community: caring and giving. If you get called out for relaxing an it on a Sunday or two, is be glad to testify as a character witness for you at any hearing that might be involved


  5. Kate, so glad to hear you are taking a bit of time for yourself. Your blog has been so vital to Big Sur and those of us who cherish her. Thank you!


  6. Kate, so nice to see some of your artwork! These photos are lovely! Thanks for the treat! Kate, knowing you has changed my life for the better in so many ways – even though we’ve only met in person once – I still consider you part of my life – as I read your blog daily and get so much out of connecting with “the greater reality” of things that are really going on around here (funny how our local news sources rarely cover all the details that locals really need access to – such as your minute-to-hour-to-day reporting of road closures, slides to watch out for, where a forest fire is headed at any part of the day, etc…. I would have no other way of touching information like this on such an immediate basis without your blog. EVen when there is nothing I can do to help, I still like knowing. I can pray. I can send loving thoughts. I can rejoice in found pups, ferns opening where there is only ash, and the progress of getting a new bridge at Pfeiffer, even though I don’t live in Big Sur, it creates a sadness in my heart to not be able to reach my special places (we all have them) when my heart needs Big Sur… and when the heart needs Big Sur, only Big Sur will do. Can’t explain.
    Anyways, you are so generous with your time, and so gentle when silly humans bring anger to your door for no reason – except the need to be heard I guess. You are the epitome of a “sane kind loving human” when the world is swirling around us all in craziness. I know that I can tune into your blog and touch sweetness, sanity and kindness – from you always, and from your other “people” and so many nice people who connect on your blog.
    Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation for you – you are a role model for how to be a great person, so thanks for sharing your heart, intelligence, spiritual calmness, love, humor and warmth with us all – all the time. You are a jewel – a gemstone on the crown that is Big Sur. 🙂 You sparkle. And we all love you.

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  7. kate, if you decide a time to take off, you are most deservedly due. if it be sundays, they are yours. can’t thank you enough for your diligence in informing the community of issues that affect the big sur community. take care, and enjoy those sundays.


  8. Thank you for your years of valuable service to your community and us tourists.


  9. How sweet, Martha. Thank you.


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  10. That was really thoughtful, MT. So well written.

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  11. Kate,

    4/4 TC/ATS: “Salinas River maintenance program off to a great start”

    Good to see this area get the attention it deserves, keep it up MoCo.


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